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 THE OLDEST CLUB EAST OF THE ROCKIES  The Historic Record of Orlando Toastmasters Club #28 January-June 2017, Produced by the office of the VICE PRESIDENT OF PUBLIC RELATIONS, Lily Phuong-Tang. EDITOR: Kenneth H. Walley DTM;  PUBLISHER and ORLANDO TOASTMASTERS CLUB #28 PRESIDENT: Renee Ellis.

HISTORYOrlando Club #28 was founded in the year 1933, as far as we can tell. The Club itself was probably created even BEFORE that year. It is the year we mark our birth because it is the date on a plaque, (that was accidentally destroyed in 2008) honoring Orlando Toastmaster Club, #28: “The Club of the Year 1933.”A second plaque was found that celebrates the 60th anniversary of “Toastmaster Club #28″ presented to the Club in
The inscription (barely readable now) reads:” Presented to TOASTMASTERS CLUB #28 For Sixty Years of  Continuous  Service 1993″.

 Franklin D. Roosevelt was made an honorary member of Club #28 in 1936. As well as references of Club #28 from the FDR Presidential museum. A letter dated Sept. 1, 2009 from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library states “We found that on March 28, 1936 Missy LeHand sent a letter to Frank A. French, Secretary-Treasurer of the Orlando Toastmaster[s] Club a thank-you for the resolution sent to President Roosevelt making him a life member of the club.”  

Although our Toastmaster International Charter has us listed in the year “1947”, Our club was well established before that year and it is obvious that the charter was re-issued long after the establishment of Club #28. We are, at any rate, the “Oldest Club East of the Rockies”. Dr. Ralph Smedley, DTM the Founder of Toastmasters International himself was known to have been in contact, and interested in the welfare of Club #28 during his lifetime. Sadly, the correspondence has been lost between Dr. Smedley and the club. Those letters were last known to exit as late as sometime in the late 1980’s or even as early as the 1990’s. During and after WWII, Club #28 became known as the “Howard Rybolt, (DTM) Club” in honor of an Orlando War hero. Toastmaster Gloria Kemp, DTM modernized the club and helped open it up for women and minorities. Like all Toastmasters Clubs, we take pride in, and gain strength from, the diversity of our members.Included in our claimed membership are President Franklin D. Roosevelt (honorary), Long time Orange County Tax Collector the late Earl K. Wood, DTM, Dana Green, ATM , Club #28’s first woman President as well as long time member the late Judy Holsclaw CTM who helped save the club during a membership crisis in the early 1990’s. Central Division Governor Michael Joseph, DTM and Area 49 Governor Helen Joseph, DTM both are credited with helping to save Club #28 as well during this time. Former International Director Paul Meunier, DTM was also a member of Club #28. Another Central Division Governor that later served as Club #28’s President was Deborah Ryan, ATMG, CL. In 2004, Club member James Webb, CC started his quest to win the International Toastmasters  Speech contest at the Club #28 contest and ended up 3rd in the World at the International convention! James became director of a successful communications program of his own. Toastmasters Club #28 legend Diana Walley ATMG, CL won the only “Orlando Club #28 Toastmaster of the Year Award” (presented in 1996) for her dedication towards the club as well as her role from bringing the club back from near-extinction. She also created one of the first websites for Toastmasters at Club #28.


 In 2014 the husband of Diana Walley ATMG, CL, Ken Walley DTM  was also honored with an award given to the Outstanding Toastmaster each year in June in his name.kenaward01   The winners of the Ken Walley Outstanding Toastmaster Award:

  1. 2014: Eddie Cezalien CC, CL
  2. 2015: Steve Wood CC CL
  3. 2016: Jack Wharton ACB, ALB
  4. 2017: Daphne Hart ACS ALB





2014: l to r: Jack Wharton, Ken Walley Mike Heidmann and winner Eddie Cezalien


2015: l to r: Marie Loeffler, winner Steve Wood and Eddie Cezalien






2016: l to r: Marie Loeffler, Ken Walley and winner Jack Wharton

IMG_1427 (3)





2017  l to r: winner Daphne Hart, Ken Walley and Chi Simons

Other notable members of Club #28 include former President Ralph Cowell, ATMB, CL, a renowned professional speaker, Kenneth Blake DTM, a popular area businessman and Toastmaster ambassador, Brian Wheeler ATMB, CL the founder and CEO of the Tijuana Flats Restaurant chain. Over the years the club has met in various places including a local Restaurant, The Orlando Presbyterian Church, The Downtown Orlando YMCA, The Center for Spiritual Living and even a Bowling Alley was used at one time! In 1998 the Club moved to the Orlando Public Library where it held its meetings for over a decade. In 2009, the club moved to the Herndon Branch Library when the main library changed its closing hours. One of the largest Orlando Toastmaster Clubs, The highly recognized Orlando Conquerors Club #1066  was a spin off of Club #28. Orlando’s oldest club is indeed, as the late Toastmaster Michael Joseph DTM called it, “The Mother of all Orlando Toastmasters Clubs” since so many clubs have been sponsored by Club #28. Club #28 has won many awards over the years and won six consecutive President’s Distinguished Club Awards from 1999 to 2006. The award is the highest award bestowed upon a club by Toastmasters International.

In 2009, Club #28 earned it’s 7th President’s Distinguished Award which also became the first of nine successive years winning Toastmasters’s highest honor. Orlando Toastmasters Club #28 has won the President’s Distinguished Award 15 times since 1998!


Helen Joseph DTM served as Area 44 Governor from 1999-2000.

Ken Walley DTM served as the Area 33 Governor from 2003-2004.

Also in 2011 and 2012, Club member Ken Blake DTM served as the Area 32 Governor. Rev. Walk Jones DTM served as the Area 33 Governor  in 2013 and 2014. Marie Loeffler DTM served as the Area 30 Governor 2013-2014. During the 2016-2017 cycle, Chi Simons DTM served as the Area 31 Director . Daphne Hart ACS, ALB served as Area 33 Director for the 2017-2018 Toastmasters year. 

We light the path to success and we are proud of who we are and what we do.


Howard Rybolt DTM. Judy Holsclaw CTM. Earl K. Wood DTM. Dennis Gola ACG, CL. Sam Ryan ATMG, CL. Laval Brown CC. Michael Joseph DTM






2017 Humorous Speech and Evaluations Contest Become “Instant Club #28 Legend”!! By Ken Walley DTM (September 2017)









MAY YOUR HOLIDAYS BE FILLED WITH JOY! By Kenneth H. Walley DTM (December 2016)


By Kenneth H.Walley DTM (January 2018)

Of course, Club #28 broke all kinds of records in 2017. There was our 15th President’s Distinguished Award. Contest winners, Area Directors, Leadership awards, membership growth, everyone reaching their personal goals… We had at least one CC, CL, ACB, ALB, ACS, ALS, ACG and a DTM this year. That is amazing.

We cemented our reputation as the preeminent Toastmasters Club on Earth. If there was a Toastmasters club on the International Space Station, we would be better than that club too.

If there was a Toastmasters Club Hall of Fame, Club #28 would not only be in it, the Hall of Fame itself would be named after us!

I know what you are thinking… I am just stating the obvious.

What is hard to imagine is how can 2018 match so many accomplishments on such an epic scale as 2017?

Child’s play.

Club #28 is just gearing up. We have so many of our members just coming into their own as communicators and leaders. I see those of us who meet every week at the Herndon Branch Library setting the example for our communities here in Central Florida, and beyond.

The potential of our members is unlimited. Day in and day out, at our jobs, at our leisure activities, at our places of worship, with friends, even with total strangers; Club #28 members take the confidence we create, the lessons we learn and the leadership we have gained and pass that on to others.

We have a mission to make the world better.

I have to admit that it feels good to be a part of something that is positive and meaningful. Yes, Club #28 is that. The Orlando Toastmasters Club is going to have the best year ever. That’s a fact.

I am not saying that we are supermen and superwomen. All I am saying is just watch us in 2018.

Join us! You’ll see.


By Kenneth H. Walley DTM (December 2017)

WOW! It seems hard to believe that the year is almost over and Toastmasters Club #28 has added another exceptional chapter to our long history. Looking back at our 84th year, 2017 was filled with great challenges and even greater successes. This club once again exceeded all expectations! Orlando Toastmasters Club #28 is continuing a renaissance that can only guarantee that 2018, our 85th year will be our best year ever!

Looking back: We celebrated our 15th Presidents Distinguished Award in the last 13 years in June as well as for the ninth year in a row! We had perfect “7 or 7” attendance officer training in January and July at the Toastmaster Learning Institute earning us the coveted Dedicated Leader Award! This club produced some of its most impressive meetings in its existence along with growing our membership. Club #28 has become one of the most respected and admired Toastmasters clubs in Florida.

It was with great pride that Orlando Toastmasters Club #28 would see in 2017 one of our members, Chi Simons DTM achieve the highest award that Toastmasters International can bestow upon an individual; earning the Distinguished Toastmasters Award! Speaking of leadership, Club #28 had Chi Simons DTM serve as an Area Director during the 2016-2017 term and another member, Daphne Hart ACS, ALB stepped up to serve as an Area Director for the 2017-2018 term! Both also earned “Triple Crown” awards for accomplishing leadership and communication goals. Make that three “Tripe Crown” winners, Detra Flood CC, ALB just achieved hers! 

Our International Speech and Table Topics contests in February were considered “brilliant masterpieces of oratory excellence” because of the high quality of the competition.  International Speeches by Ken Blake DTM, Detra Flood CC, ALB; Ken Walley DTM and Diana Walley ATMG, CL were all impressive. Ken Blake’s speech (“Lessons From Pretty Boy””) would later see him compete in the Area 31 Contest.

Ken Blake DTM, Ken Walley DTM, Daphne Hart ACS, ALB and Latisha Simpson all competed in the Table Topics Contest and excelled but Daphne added yet another trophy to her contest championships to go with those from last year. (Daphne would go on to win the Area, also for the second year in a row!) By all accounts, it was a remarkable evening for Club #28.

In August, the Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests proved to be just as magical an experience where every contestant in both contests excelled. Brenda Smith ACB, CL gave a memorable speech for the Evaluation Contest that was reviewed expertly by Zaq Perez CCDiana Walley ATMG, CLLatisha Simpson and Ken Walley DTMZaq won his first Club #28 contest with an excellent evaluation.

Brilliant Humorous Speeches were given by Ken Walley DTM, Zaq Perez CC, Renee Ellis CC, CL and Chi Simons DTM. Ken W. out dueled the rest of the competition with a very funny speech titled “So This Is Hell”.  Ken went on to win 2nd place at the Area level! It should be noted that many other Club #28 members either competed or served as functionaries in the Area, Division and District contests.

Some of the best meetings that Club #28 has ever had (84 years is a lot of wonderful meetings) were produced in 2017! Two come to mind right away: the “Home is Where the Heart Is” January 19th meeting with Toastmaster Emily Ceskavich and the “Gun Control” theme meeting of November 2nd hosted by Alphaeus Flood. Other amazing meetings included Renee Ellis CC, CL’s “Winging It” theme meeting on 7/20 and her “Hurricane Fun Facts” meeting in September. For that matter… any meeting Renee was the toastmaster of was amazing. Incredible meetings happened like the “A Few of My Favorite Things” theme meeting with Latisha Simpson, the “Clichés” meeting withKen Blake DTM and we had two “New Beginnings” meetings one in January and another in July. Bob Steg ACB recently led a wonderful “Thanksgiving” theme meeting. Joey Jacobshagen’s “Music” theme meeting was a hit! Of course, our “Halloween” meeting had witches, ghosts and two Batmen. My pick for favorite meetings in 2017 were the many “Speech Marathon” meetings put together by Jack Wharton ACS, ALB and Steve Wood CC, CLWhat a blast! Honestly, there were so many great meetings this year, it would be impossible to list them all. See the “past meetings” section of this website and take a fantastic walk down memory lane.

If the meetings were awesome, the speeches were spectacular! Who can forget the speeches?  Daphne Hart ACS, ALB gave some of the most memorable speeches in Club #28 history such as “Time Management”, “Sweet Spot”, “The ‘F’ Word”, “Destiny: The Story of Esther”, “How the Tiger Got it’s Stripes” and “The Table”.

Matching Daphne speech for speech was the remarkable performances of Susan Storma ACB, ALB with brilliant speeches such as “”The Wonderful World of Spectroscopy”, “Snakes!”, ”The Current Wars”, “Spider Mums”, “Bucket List Alaska” and “I Should Have Gone to the Store Myself” 

Renee Ellis CC, CL came in with “Get High on Barbie!”, “New Car Pony Smell”, “The Rest of the Story” and “We Need to Talk About It”. More wonderful speeches came from Linda Klein with “We Are Twins” and “The Great Chicago Fire!” Detra Flood CC, ALB had unforgettable speeches titled “Gifts are Like Super Heroes”, “Where’s Waldo?” and “This ‘L’ Stands For…”. Zaq Perez CC wowed us with “My Journey to Becoming a CPA” and “An Empty Cup”, among others. Nick Toporkov CC made us think with speeches like “Fallacies of Our Mind” and “Is It Fair?” Diana Walley ACG, CL produced “I Will Walk Again!” and “Who’s Alien Is This?

Every week we had another classic speech such as Chi Simons DTM’s “Husband Material”, Walk Jones DTM’s “The Importance of Relationships” Marie Loeffler DTM’s “Dealing with Change”, Joey Jacobshagen’s “Being Yourself”, Daniel Gutierrez’s “A Moment in My Life I Will Never Forget”, Emily Ceskavich’s “My Big Brother”, Lily Phuong-Tang’s  “Coming To America Was a Miracle” and Bob Steg ACB’s remarkable “Learning a Second Language is Harder Than You Think.” Every one of these was a brilliant speech and… This is just a sampling of the brilliant speeches I heard this year at Club #28, the list of excellent speeches seems to go on forever!

The Ice Breaker speeches were truly amazing! Our first Ice breaker came on the February 2, meeting when Zaq Perez CC gave an excellent Ice Breaker “What Brought Me to Toastmasters”. After that the floodgates opened with remarkable Ice Breaker speeches:

Lily Phuong-Tang: “I Am Lily Phuong-Tang!” (2/9/17)

Vincent Duong-Son: “All About Me” (2/16/17)

Emily Ceskavich: “My Greatest Fear (and why I want to keep it)” (2/23/17)

Robert Bacchus: “The Eighth Stand” (3/26/17)

Alvaro Mejia: “Alvaro” (3/26/17)

Livia Petraru: “The American Dream” (3/30/17)

Tahreek Duncan: “Beauty in Death” (4/13/17)

Tea Tran: “What Makes a Person a Person?” (4/20/17)

Meg Given: “Tea” (4/27/17)

Daniel Gutierrez: “Efficiency, Hobbies and Interests” (4/27/17)

David Hundeby: “Get Ready” (8/24/17)

Emma Hutto: “Living Up to My Name” (11/30/17)

All of these Ice Breakers speeches were moving and inspirational accounts of amazing people in our mist. Ice Breakers coming up next up are Jordan Hutto, Michael Adams and Eric Howard who are all scheduled for December! Everyone has a story to tell and we heard some wonderful stories!

It would be a great mistake to overlook those who served as club officers over the past year and worked so hard to create a truly positive learning environment such as is Club #28. Our two Presidents over the past year were Club #28 “pillars” Jack Wharton ACS, ALB and Detra Flood CC, ALB. Both proved that they were leaders of the highest rank. Our Vice Presidents of Education were Steve Wood CC, CLand Renee Ellis CC, CL and they made the “toughest officer position” look easy. The Vice Presidents of Membership were Detra Flood CC, ALB and David Hundeby. The club gained many new members thanks to their efforts. “Getting the word out” as Vice Presidents of Public Relations were Emily Ceskavick and Alphaeus Flood. Handling the money for both terms was the invaluable Zaq Perez CC as our Treasurer. Linda Klein and Daniel Gutierrez served as Secretaries. We also had wonderful Sergeants at Arms in 2017: Renee Ellis CC, CLand Latisha Simpson. From the members of Club #28, both past and present, we sincerely thank you for your leadership!

I wish everyone at Orlando Toastmasters Club #28, its members, past members, guests, friends and family; along with all of those on the Herndon Library staff, a very merry and a very happy holidays and the most wonderful and joyous of new years!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy Toastmastering!


By Kenneth H. Walley (November 2017 )

So you have always felt the need to lead? Maybe not. Maybe you are a little afraid of being in charge? Either way becoming an Orlando Toastmasters Club #28 officer is a fantastic opportunity to better yourself and help your club!

The benefits of being a Club #28 officer are many and useful! You will learn organizational skills, group dynamics, scheduling, money management, negotiation expertise along with sharpening business, social and human interaction abilities…. Just to name a few things.

Being a part of a leadership team goes far beyond Toastmasters. What you gain as a club officer can be taken into the workplace. Some of the officer skills you learn at Club #28 might even help you create a better home life.

I know. I done it all. Over the years I have served as an officer in a number of clubs. Every time I always learn something new and I am always glad that I took on the challenge. Every time.

Each officer position teaches you a different skill but the main skill you learn is how to work with others as a team.  Here are the positions for Club #28:


Vice President of Education

Vice President of Membership

Vice President of Public Relations



Sgt. at Arms

All of these roles are vitally important to the success of the club. Becoming a club officer also counts as an essential goal towards earning your Competent Leadership award! The leadership part of Toastmasters can be just as rewarding and meaningful as the communication track. While it is a requirement for all Toastmaster to serve as an officer, I recommend that you do it as soon as possible after joining and start reaping the educational benefits of being a leader.

The new Toastmasters term starts on January 1st of 2018 and ends June 30th. If you are interested in serving please see Club #28 President Detra Flood CC, CL and we will get your leadership journey started. Who knows where it might lead. You might end up as a Toastmasters International Director someday!


By Kenneth H. Walley DTM (October 2017)

A little more than half-way through the first of two Toastmasters terms for the year and Club #28 is well on its way to achieving another President’s  Distinguished Award. Many of our members have achieved individual goals, among them Detra Flood, Renee Ellis, Susan Storma and Daphne Hart. Many others are nearing personal objectives including Zaq Perez, Linda Klein, Joey Jacobshagen, Daniel Gutierrez and David Hundeby who are all making wonderful progress on their Competent Communicator and Leadership awards!

We’ve accomplished the “7 of 7″ award at officer training. The officers in this club are incredible!

Our recent Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests were the envy of all of the other Toastmasters Clubs in the District. More than that, Club #28 members helped out in at least 4 different Area contests that I can think of. Many of those Area Directors would have had a very hard time producing their contests at all without the help of Club #28 volunteers.

20170920_205909 (002)

Daniel Gutierrez, Renee Ellis, Ken Walley, Chi Simons, Zaq Perez and others either competed or served as functionaires in the Area 30 Humorous Speech and Evaluations Contest.

Club #28 also boasts an Area Director ourselves: Area 33 Director. Daphne Hart ACS, ALB! Rumor has it that Marie Leoffler DTM is working on her 2nd DTM!

We are a club looking toward the future. Marie, the District 84 “Train the Trainer” Chairperson;  gave an amazing presentation about the new Toastmasters International education program “Pathways”. Club #28 is  truly excited about the new opportunities that this program offers. If nothing else, this club embraces the chance to improve, not only as individuals but also as a club!

We have also injected new ideas into our meetings including bringing back Diana Walley‘s “Central Florida Dead or Alive Show” at the September 28th meeting. It was a lot of fun!

Other good news is that our two newest members Maureen Premo and Bob Steg both look to add a lot of creativity and joy to our meetings.

So with 1/4 of the Toastmasters year under our belt… I can only dream  about our successes the rest of the way!

Keep up the fantastic work (and play) Club #28!


By Kenneth H. Walley DTM (September 2017)

 Contest speakers: Renee Ellis, Ken Walley DTM, Diana Walley ACG, CL; Chi Simons DTM and Zaq Perez

From the first-time visitor, to the most veteran DTM; the performances from the August 31, 2017 Orlando Toastmasters Club #28 Humorous Speech and Evaluations Contests were lavishly lauded with the highest of praise. These contests genuinely deserved such expressions of worship from a appreciative and grateful audience. “Now that is was an impressive evening of sheer fun and entertainment!” said one visitor. Another Toastmaster raved “I laughed, I learned… most of all, I’m really glad I came!”

This magical evening started with the call to order by Sgt. At Arms Latisha Simpson who introduced David Hundeby to give the invocation before the start of our scheduled events. David fittingly offered a quote often attributed to Abraham Lincoln but was really first published over 100 years later by Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Dennis Gabor: “You cannot predict the future. You create the future.”

The brilliant future of this evening could not have been predicted. However, the incredible effort of the Contest Master Marie Leoffler DTM definitely helped create it. Masterfully weaving a tapestry of entertainment, organization and humor; Marie put on a clinic of how to produce a remarkable set of contests. Her performance as a Contest Master was well worth the visit to the Herndon Branch Library on her own merits alone.

Going immediately into the first contest, the Evaluation Contest; Marie introduced our Chief Judge Daphne Hart ACS, ALB. Assuring us that these contests were beyond approach and to the letter of Toastmasters International standards, Daphne proclaimed “Let the Contests Begin!” A “test” speech was first given by Brenda Smith ACB, CL. Brenda’s speech titled “Something for everyone!” was a speech that traced the “Toastmaster’s journey” of Brenda from her first nervous Table Topics question (“I spoke for a whole 10 seconds.”) to her success not only in mastering communication proficiency, but in learning leadership ability as well. After being given 5 minutes to prepare their evaluations, the three evaluators were brought in one by one to explain their thoughts on Brenda’s speech.

First Diana Walley ATMG, CL brought out parallels with her own personal toastmaster experience that she had discovered in Brenda’s speech. She noted that like Brenda, she was also married to a “Mr. Toastmaster” and how she had also not only come to learn but now comes to “have fun.”

The second Evaluator, Zaq Perez spoke about the strengths of Brenda’s speech and what she might do to “tweak it” and take it to another level. He offered excellent advice.

The last contest evaluator was Ken Walley DTM. Ken praised Brenda’s speech for being the perfect speech for the many guests present and for the newer Toastmasters in the room. “This was a goodwill speech for Toastmasters” Ken said, “Do I want to join Toastmasters after hearing your speech? Sign me up!” 

There was a short intermission while the judges had the unenviable task of picking a winner. Soon though the voice of Sergeant at Arms Latisha Simpson boomed through the meeting room, calling everyone back to order for the main event, the Humorous Speech Contest.

Speaking first in this event was Zaq Perez with a humorous speech titled “My Journey to Becoming a CPA” about an unlikely subject for a comedic speech: accountants. Zaq still found many hilarious stories about this less-than-glamorous career choice. He showed us how underneath the cloak of financial number- crunching blandness was a dynamic, exciting… and very funny, side of CPAs.

Renee Ellis was next with an uproarious speech titled “Confessions of a Single Woman”. Renee told how family and friends conspired to solve her “single problem” mostly against her will, with very funny results. Renee, has found herself trying to convince seemingly everyone like those who force her to try to catch the bouquet at weddings, arrange blind dates and sign her up on internet computer dating sites; that she really is comfortable and happy being single! This speech was a scream!

Ken Walley DTM’s speech was titled “So This Is Hell” told of planting the seeds of a Trinidad Scorpion pepper when the pepper itself took revenge on him for all of the peppers that he had ever eaten in his life. “My head went up in flames!” said Ken as he explained his heroic efforts to stop the insane pain that engulfed him. Ken’s description of his intense agony was hilariously funny!

The last speaker was Chi Simons DTM with another hysterical speech titled “Husband Material”. To date Chi, a potential mate had to run the gauntlet of 10 judgement (interviews? Interrogations?) by Chi’s parents, brothers and sisters! They had very strict rules but Chi was more interested in if he could cook! Finally, Chi found her true love on a date to a Kobe’s Japanese Steak House! Even so, Chi made him wait 5 years just so she was sure he was the right guy!

By the end of the humorous speech contest, many in the audience were laughing so hard that they were having trouble breathing. A few fell off their chairs and extra paper towels had to be brought in to dry the eyes of many a visitor.

Amid complaints that the howling laughter was disrupting the library, somehow the pandemonium was brought back down to a functioning level and Contest Master Marie Leoffler DTM paid tribute to those who made this ultra-successful event possible: Timers Ken Blake DTM and Scott Maloney ACB, ALB; Vote Counters Amy Sims CC and Detra Flood CC, CL, Contest Sgt. At Arms Daniel Gutierrez and Latisha Simpson, Chief Judge Daphne Hart ACS, ALB and of course the judges who are always anonymous.

The time to announce the winners was here. Starting with the Evaluation Contest, it was revealed that Ken Walley DTM was the second-place winner and that Zaq Perez had won the 1st place trophy. Zaq had won his first ever Toastmasters contest.


The Humorous speech contest pronounced Chi Simons DTM as the 2nd place winner and Ken Walley DTM getting the grand prize trophy!


Ken and Zaq now go on to the Area 30 contest in September. Club #28 has a long history of producing legendary speech contests and the event of this evening certainty kept that tradition alive. 




CLUB #28 TURNS OUT FOR TLI!IMG_1424 (2)Daphne Hart is presented the “Ken Walley Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year Award” by new DTM Chi Simons on August 3, 2017

By Kenneth H. Walley DTM (August 2017)


Chi Simons DTM joined Club #28 on October 15, 2015. Less than two years later, Chi would reach the highest individual goal that can be achieved by a Toastmaster: Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). Shortly after earning her Competent Communicator Award, Chi bravely took on the roles of President of the Oldest Toastmasters Club East of the Rockies as well as serving as the Area 31 Director!  She would soon earn the coveted “Triple Crown” award by racing through an astounding SIX Toastmasters levels in one year: CC, CL, ACB, ALB, ACL and ACS along with her High Performance Leadership project. Recently she added the final pieces by sponsoring 2 clubs (the Landmark Toastmasters Club and the Orlando Center Club) as well as mentoring the Orlando Deloitte Club, and earning her ALS… thus reaching Distinguish Toastmaster… Whew!

Besides holding a full time job with the ABB Corp. in Lake Mary and being a hard core Zumba enthusiast; Chi is also an accomplished boxer. Yes, I said boxer. In that time she helped guide our club to the President’s Distinguished Award, served as a VP of Membership, mentored many members, gave amazing speeches, produced a remarkable Club #28 Humorous Speech and Evaluation contest as the contest chairperson, supported other clubs with special programs or contests, led a session at the Toastmasters Leadership Institute on how to be a club Treasurer, became a walking warehouse of Toastmasters insight and information, befriended everyone she met and most of all, served as a supreme example of what a Toastmaster can accomplish through hard work and dedication. Chi is a wonderful example for others; a Communicator, a Leader,  a Doer  and a Friend!

Few, if any… can say they worked harder to achieve their DTM… or deserve it more.

Congratulations Chi Simons DTM!


Congratulations Daphne Hart ACS, ALB who deservedly won the Club #28 “Ken Walley Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year” Award for the 2016-2017 Toastmasters term! Daphne is the current Area 33 Director for District 84 and has served as Club #28’s Sgt. at Arms and Vice President of Membership. Her leadership is a major reason for the success of Club #28 over the past few years.

In a club which truly values dedication and excellence, Daphne has stood out.

Daphne has not just stood out in our club but in our community as well.  Daphne is a founder of a community outreach program “Daughters of Valor”. The mission of this non-profit is “to equip teenage girls with the tools to identify and walk in their purpose.” Daphne has been highly instrumental in helping at-risk, low income teens find success and escape poverty. More than that, these women often return to their community to give back and help others!

Daphne also works as a hair stylist in Orlando, a job that she sees as an opportunity to inspire others.

While a Club #28 Toastmaster for only a little over two years, she has become a valued mentor to everyone in the club. Her speeches entertain, educate and always encourage. She also has a knack for winning speech contests, competing at the club, area and division levels (so far). It would not be a surprise to see her someday competing in the Toastmasters World Championship of Speaking.

We are thrilled to award Daphne with the Club #28 Outstanding Toastmaster Award but even more so, we are thrilled to have her in our club!


Among an atmosphere of giddy anticipation, Orlando Toastmasters Club #28 Vice President of Education Renee Ellis announced the official date for the 2017 Humorous Speech and Evaluation contest as August 31st, 7:00 at the Herndon Branch Library.

Longtime Club #28 member Ken Blake DTM also sounded confident about the chance of unprecedented triumph for the Humorous Speech Contest. “There is no doubt that the Humorous Speech contest will be the most spectacular, most amazing and funniest of any of the previous contests ever held at Club #28. The talent level is simply to high here for any other outcome.”

Over the past 80 years, or so; Club #28 has historically held the best contests in the District. Many say in the State of Florida, many others say that Club #28 contests should be internationally recognized as the best. This year Club #28 has the potential to take the Humorous Speech and Evaluations Contests to a whole new level.

The Evaluation Contest features a Toastmaster from outside of the club to give a “Test Speech”. That speech will be evaluated by all of the contestants. The interesting thing about an evaluation contest is that the evaluators may see the same speech very differently from each other.

In order for the Club to produce such memorable masterpieces as it has in the past, it will take the efforts of ALL of Club #28’s members to produce another outstanding set of contests. At each meeting a sign up sheet will be going around. Please sign up to take part in our contests!

To see the sign up list, updated weekly, go to the  “Club Articles and Updates” page on this website.


IMG_1418 (2)

Club #28 members at TLI: (L TO R): Latisha Simpson, Detra Flood, Alphaeus Flood, Daphne Hart, Daniel Gutierrez, Renee Ellis, Ken Walley and Diana Walley.

Club #28 was everywhere at the Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI). All seven Club #28 officers attended their officer training session, thus earning Club #28 another “Seven of Seven” officer training award, and ribbon for our club.

During TLI, club members were updated on Division 84 and Area 30 plans for the new Toastmasters term. This included the upcoming Fall Conference to be held  November 17-18 with a “Gatsby” theme! Club #28 also came together to make plans for new year in a “Race to the Finish Road Show”. During lunch, Club #28 met with new Area 30 Director Mona Cherkaoui ACG, ALB and leaders from the other clubs in our Area.

There were many other learning opportunities at TLI that club members took advantage of including getting to meet and know Toastmasters from all over the State of Florida and many different clubs.

Thanks to TLI our Club is ready to take on the leadership challenges of the new Toastmasters year!


By Detra Flood

Hello Fellow Toastmasters,
It is such an honor to be leading the Best and oldest club East of the Rockies! 2017 will continue to a be a great year for Club #28. We’re starting the second half of the year with a BANG!

I titled the second half of year “Committed To the Finish line.” Our slogan for this Term: We’re not finish until it’s done. I want to take the time to thank all the former officers for a job well done for the first term of this year.

Special Thanks to Jack Wharton our Former Club President for Setting us up for success. We earned the President’s Distinguished Award the first half of the year for the 15th time, and we are looking forward to winning it again the second semester of 2017. There are some particular goals that I have for the Club for this term:
1. To secure the President’s Distinguished Award and earn 10/10 goals in the program.
2. To have fun and engaging meetings- In my Inaugural address, I made it clear that members’ Toastmaster membership is an investment and not a donation. I am looking forward to seeing more members involvement pushing themselves by participating in meeting leadership roles and stepping out of their comfort zone with their projects. We will have fun growing together!
3. I really would love to see more members complete their Competent Leadership Manual to earned their CL. Toastmasters is a public Speaking and Leadership organization. Excellent communication and leadership go hand in hand. Members will need both skills set to become more efficient in anything they will do in or outside the club. Members will be encouraged to bring their Competent leadership to meetings. In this way, they can keep track with completing the leadership projects, get involved with the club speech contests, and be ready to serve as an officer if called to do so!
4. I love to see more members participating in the publication part of Toastmasters. I will be encouraging members to write an article for our club’s website or the Toastmaster International Club Magazine.

These are four strong goals for us to aim for in the second half of 2017. I am honored to having the following officers by my side: VPE Renee Ellis, VPM Robert Bacchus, VPPR Alphaeus Flood, Treasurer Zaq Perez, Secretary Daniel Gutierrez, and Sergeant at Arms Latisha Simpson.

Let’s continue to make the rest of 2017 the year yet for Club 28!
Detra Flood


By Kenneth H. Walley DTM (July 2017)

Twice a Toastmasters year, an opportunity happens that every toastmaster should take advantage of: THE TOASTMASTERS LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE (aka “The Toastmasters Learning Institute” or “TLI”). I know what you are thinking… ugh… officer training. No you are wrong! TLI is so much more than officer training and it’s for every Toastmaster!

Officer training has an unfair reputation.

Let’s say you are a new officer and you just found out that you have been “elected” to be an officer in your club… and you have no idea what your responsibilities are.

If that is you, then you should be saying “Thank God for TLI!”

These classes are awesome! Here you will find some of the most respected Toastmasters in Florida telling you exactly how to succeed, no matter what your new officer role is. Not only that, but Toastmasters International will be helping to guide the agenda for every instructor. Your trainer will explain in simple and easy to understand terms, the “whats”, the “hows” and the “wheres” for your success based on their experience and TI’s input.

You will even have a chance to ask questions and give some feedback of your own.

Those who have been an officer, many times over… can still learn a thing or two about their officer position. It’s never too late to learn!

When you leave your TI officer training class… you’ll be ready to help do your part to make your club the best it can be.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg at TLI.

Yes, TLI is for all Toastmasters!

The Opening Sessions will get you up to date on all the amazing activities that are happening outside of your club. You’ll get to meet your “District 84 Trio” (the District 84 Directors) who will inform you of new toastmaster programs and opportunities as well as the upcoming Fall Conference! They can be very entertaining too. Get there early to enjoy fresh coffee, Danish, fruit and other delights in the foyer!

All day long you will have the chance to learn from helpful workshops and seminars as well as the officer training classes. At our last TLI,  we had such sessions as “Preparing for the Big Stage”, “Public Speaking from Free to Fee!”, “Membership Marketing”, “Empowering Leaders”, “How to be a Contest Judge”, “Embrace TI’s Core Values”, “The 7 Effective Skills of Leadership”, “Techie Topics: Getting the Sound Right for Your Speech”  “After the CC… What’s Next?” and others as well! I guarantee that you will learn something not only useful but possibly life changing.

But wait, there’s more!

During lunch. I forgot to mention a delicious box lunch is included. You will be able to meet with your club and the other clubs in your area and make plans for the upcoming July-December term. You will be able to meet our new Area 30 Director Mona Cherkaoui! Wonderful photo-op, don’t forget to bring your camera.

The best thing about TLI? I have not even mentioned it yet. You will meet Toastmasters from all over Florida. You will have the chance share experiences and make new friends. Best of all, what you learn from them you can bring back to our club. Some excellent ideas at #28 have come from TLI. I truly look forward every six months to seeing old friends and making new ones.

Mark this date: Saturday, July 29, 2017.

TLI is located at the beautiful Calvary Assembly campus in Winter Park. The address is 1199 Clay Street, Winter Park, Fl.

Registration starts at 8:30 AM. The Opening session will be at 9:15 AM.

I’ll see you there!


By Kenneth H. Walley DTM (July 2017)

THE ORLANDO Toastmaster’s Club #28 has reached its “FABULOUS 15th!” President’s Distinguished Award! This is an amazing accomplishment as it marks the fifteenth time in the last eighteen years that Club #28 received Toastmasters International’s highest club honor! To achieve this award, it takes the efforts of the entire club. Congratulations to all of our Club #28 members for they are well deserving of this award due to their hard work and perseverance that goes into capturing such a celebrated honor!

From the years 1999 to 2005, Orlando Club #28 won six consecutive President Distinguished awards. After 2005, Club #28 had to overcome some tough challenges. The club would return to the top of the Toastmasters world during the 2008-2009 TM term. With this award in 2016- 2017, the club has now set a record of NINE consecutive years as a President Distinguished Club! Throughout all of this time, the aim of Club #28 has been to produce quality meetings and the creation of a super-supportive environment for its members, giving them the best chance to succeed with the Toastmasters program.


Club #28 became one of the few Clubs in Florida to achieve all ten DCP goals!

Between July 2016 and the end of June 2017, earning Competent Communicator Awards were:

Chi Simons CC, David Slaten CC, Robyn Lesser CC and Monica Smith-Trager CC. Another Club #28 member who also earned his CC during this time was Nick Toporkov CC!

Earning Advanced Communication awards were:

Chi Simons ACB and Christopher Fama ACSIncredibly, Chi Simons also earned her ACS!

Earning their Leadership awards were:  Daphne Hart CL and Steve Wood CL! Many others also earned Leadership Awards: Chi Simons CL andALB; Daphne Hart ALB and Susan Storma ALB!!!

Earning the “Triple Crown Award” for reaching 3 or more Toastmasters Communication and/or Leadership designations were Daphne Hart (CC, CL and ALB) and Chi Simons with an amazing SIX  (yes, that is right, 6!) Toastmasters awards: CC, CL, ACB, ALB, ACS and completing her Leadership Excellence program! Congratulations!

The club also had all of its officers trained at the Toastmasters Learning Institute winning the “7 for 7” Award for both training sessions and now for two years in a row!!

Club #28 added an impressive 22 (as of this writing) new members since July of 216, including our newest members Daniel Gutierrez and Tea Tran (at the time of this writing) and we are still growing!


Still it took a good deal of effort by Club #28 Presidents Chi Simons ACS, ALB (July -December 2016) and Jack Wharton ACB, ALB (January –June 2017) to achieve this award. Both Presidents were constantly going far beyond the call of duty to ensure that our meetings lived up to the lofty expectations for Club #28.

They had to deal with finding alternate meeting places as well as seeing to the needs of each and every one of our members even while the club grew to its largest membership in decades.  They succeeded and surpassed the highest of Toastmaster’s standards. For Chi Simons, her role as President must have looked daunting. Not only was she becoming the president of the oldest club east of the Rockies, she had also taken on the post of Area 34 Director. At the time Chi had only been a Toastmaster for little more than a year and had just earned her CC award! Chi became one of the most popular and successful presidents in the club’s history. By then end of her term, the club was growing at an unprecedented rate and only a couple of goals away from earning the President’s Distinguished Award. Jack Wharton took over the club during a very busy period in his life: he was getting married! With the help of Steve Wood CC, CL, his VPE; they kept up the quality meetings expected at Club #28. They even came up with a way of insuring that our members had a chance to achieve their TM communication goals by holding a series of “Speech Marathons” lasting throughout the term. This is the second time Jack has led #28 to Toastmaster’s highest club achievement award. Such innovative thinking paved the way to a 15th Club #28’s Presidents Distinguished Award!

The administrations of both Chi and Jack are certainly a part of this perpetual “Golden Age” in Club #28’s long and storied history, They now join a growing list of Distinguished Award winning Club #28 Presidents:+

Ralph Cowell ATMB and Dorothy Day Otis DTM (1999-2000)

Helen Joseph DTM and Kenneth H. Walley DTM (2000-2001)

Michael Joseph DTM* and Deborah Ryan ATMG, CL (2001-2002)

Deborah Ryan ATMG, CL and Diana Walley ATMG, CL (2002-2003)

Adam Scoggins CC, CL (2003-2004)

Dr. Ross Thomson ATMB, CL and Edward A. Carmona ATMB, CL (2004-2005)

Dennis Gola ACG, CL* and Barbara Cusack ACS, CL (2008-2009)

Edward Dimayuga CC, CL and Deepti Dhiman – Sharma CC, CL (2009-2010)

Wilner Luders CC, CL and Steve Wood CC (2010-2011)

Ryan Dick CC and Malita Clarke CC (2011-2012)

Malita Clarke CC and Walk Jones DTM (2012-2013)

Mike Heidmann CL and Jack Wharton ACB, ALB (2013-2014)

Eddy Cezalien CC, CL and Marie Loeffler DTM (2014-2015)

Marie Loeffler DTM and Kara Newcomb ACG, ALB (2015-2016)

Chi Simons ACS, ALB and Jack Wharton ACB, ALB (2016-2017)

(+ Last known Awards achieved *deceased)


The news just keeps getting better for The Orlando Toastmasters Club #28! The new officers for the club were selected in May. Detra Flood will become our next President. Brave, new first time officers of Club #28 are Sgt. at Arms Latisha Simpson, Vice President of Membership Robert Bacchus, Vice President of Public Relations Alphaeus Flood, and Daniel Gutierrez at Secretary. Returning officers but in different roles are Vice President of Education Renee Ellis and Treasurer Zaq Perez . This is a great mix of capable and experienced officers and a “new generation” of Club #28 leadership!


Already a number of members are marching towards their Competent Communicator Awards such as Robert Bacchus, Julian Castano, Emily Ceskavich, Tahreek Duncan, Tea Tran, Joey Jacobshagen, Linda Klein, Alvaro Mejia, Zaq Perez, Renee Ellis, Meg Given, Detra Flood, Daniel Gutierrez, Liva Petraru and Latisha Simpson… among others!  More club members such as Daphne Hart, Susan Storma, Christopher Fama, Ken Walley, Steve Wood, Chi Simons, Jack Wharton, Ken Blake, Kara Newcome, Walk Jones, Diana Walley, Marie Loeffler… just to name a few… are working on or adding to even more Advanced Communicator and Leadership Awards! Indeed, the club has a very good start on its 16th President’s Distinguished Award!

Happy Toastmastering!


By Kenneth H. Walley DTM

(May 2017)


District Conference Is Coming Soon! Be There!

First of all… the 2017 Spring Conference is coming  – May 19 & 20. One of the best memories that I have from my 20 years in Toastmasters is attending the District 84 Conference! Everyday is packed with excellent seminars, workshops and special events. But most of all, I remember a lot of FUN!

There will be 25 educational sessions on Saturday alone.  On Friday night there is the Costume Contest and the parade of banners! There will be first timer events, District Council meeting, the Hospitality Suite, great food and of course, the District 84 2017 International Speech and Table Topics Championships!

The theme for the spring conference is “High Anxiety: A Conference Gone Wild!” Sounds like a great time.


If you have always wanted to be a part of a great leadership team and sharpen your skills as a communicator and leader here is your chance to become a Club #28 officer!

Please see Club #28 President Jack Wharton if you are interested in guiding our club through the July-December 2017 Toastmasters term.

Club officer positions are


Vice President of Education

Vice President of Membership

Vice President of Public Relations



Sgt. at Arms

You will learn a great deal about management and responsibility as well reaping the rewards of continuing a strong tradition of leadership here at Club #28.

You also gain credit towards your TM leadership goals.

I encourage all Toastmasters to serve as a club officer. It will be one of the most rewarding and helpful projects that you can do in Toastmasters!


Toastmasters’ innovative new learning experience offers an expanded education.

(April 2017)

By Paul Sterman (Reprinted from the Toastmaster Magazine July, 2016 Edition) 

In 2010, the Toastmasters Board of Directors crafted a five-year strategic plan that laid out the goals and objectives for the organization over the next five years. The plan’s centerpiece? A call to revitalize the Toastmasters education program.

Much of the communication track hadn’t been updated since the 1970s, and leadership became a separate track in 2005. The Board stressed the need to modernize the communication track and to renew the focus on leadership learning in the leadership track.

That original vision marked the beginning of a hugely ambitious effort to enhance the education program. Scheduled to roll out next year, the program will offer members more opportunities to learn and grow, highlighted by greater access to educational materials, expanded tools and resources, and a customized learning experience designed to help individuals meet personal and professional goals.

Currently, the project is referred to as the revitalized education program. The actual name of the new program will be Toastmasters Pathways learning experience, reflecting a journey of possibilities and progress.

“Our organization is all about helping people fulfill their potential, and Pathways embodies that concept,” says Toastmasters International President Jim Kokocki. “This is such a dynamic program for members: You’ll have the opportunity to develop more skills than ever before—skills that will help you succeed inside and outside of Toastmasters.”

Keeping the Key Concepts

Pathways is not a departure from the current education program. It maintains Toastmasters’ guiding principles and educational concepts. Club meetings will still be at the heart of the Toastmasters experience. The new program builds on the best of what we have now. It takes the education program to the next level, but at its foundation, Pathways is anchored in the vision of Toastmasters’ founder Ralph C. Smedley.

The educational content has been built and developed meticulously, grounded in the most current, effective principles of instructional design. In addition, the content has been thoroughly vetted by members, who have praised it as innovative, engaging and relevant to members’ needs today.

The positive response can be traced to the countless hours of hard work, and teamwork, that spurred the revitalization process. The end result isn’t just the handiwork of Toastmasters’ education development team at Toastmasters’ World Headquarters: Creating the new program has required a tremendous collaborative effort among the Board of Directors, the education team—and other departments—at World Headquarters, vendors and experts, and thousands of members.

Members were asked to play a vital role in the process. Early on, more than 270 members were chosen to be Learning Masters, a group that offered valuable feedback to the Pathways team on the educational content and learning experience. Other members were chosen as Chief Ambassadors and Ambassadors, to share information about the program with members, making them aware of the many benefits it offers, providing updates on its progress and answering questions.

The Board’s vision set the revitalization project in motion. Then, to build the foundation for an education program that would best serve members, the team immersed itself in research and analysis, studying data and reviewing feedback from current and former members about what they wanted to see in an education program. The team evaluated the Toastmasters learning experience in great depth.

What ultimately emerged is a more robust education program, one that enables members to develop an array of skills that are relevant in their personal and professional lives.

At the Board’s direction, Pathways was developed with these benefits for members:

  • Recognitionthat comes earlier and more often in the educational journey
  • New technological resourcesto improve speeches and support meeting roles
  • Mobile accessto educational materials (tablets)
  • Expanded video and digital contentto facilitate learning among our global community of members
  • Stronger evaluation and mentoring components

“Pathways is going to be a world-class program that will help members succeed, and thrive, in an evolving global society,” says Kokocki.

The Structure
As Ralph Smedley realized, communication and leadership are inextricably linked. In the new education program, they will no longer be separate tracks—they will be combined. From its review and analysis of the current program paired with the leadership experience, the Pathways team identified the five core competencies members can learn by participating in the new program:

  • Public Speaking
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Leading and Managing
  • Leading Strategically
  • Building Confidence

These are the core competencies, but within those broader areas are many other competencies (and sub-competencies) as well. The Pathways team took foundational competencies in the Competent Communication and Competent Leader manuals (like learning basic speech structure, effective delivery and how to communicate well within a team) and built upon them. The current education program teaches 68 competencies; Pathways adds more than 250 competencies members can learn.

Toastmasters Pathways will be offered online, and learning projects will feature many interactive tools, including quizzes, assessments, activities and videos.

Some of the new competencies are: understanding short- and long-term goals, speaking about personal strengths and weaknesses, answering questions effectively, leading with resourcefulness and flexibility, and demonstrating the value of volunteering.

The five core competencies were paired to form five disciplines. The program will launch with 10 different learning paths, based on these disciplines:

  • Public Speaking + Interpersonal Communication
  • Interpersonal Communication + Strategic Leadership
  • Interpersonal Communication + Management
  • Public Speaking + Management
  • Public Speaking + Strategic Leadership

“The current education program teaches 68 competencies; Pathways adds more than 250 competencies members can learn.”

Paths include Motivational Strategies, Presentation Mastery, Leadership Development, Persuasive Influence and Effective Coaching. When a member starts in the Pathways program, he or she takes an online path assessment. The assessment helps identify the member’s current skill levels as well as areas where they want to improve. The assessment then indicates which learning path best fits their needs. If they don’t want to work in the recommended path, they are free to choose another path.

Each of the 10 paths includes a minimum of 14 learning projects, a mix of required and elective. Projects span a wide range, with many different topics to interest members and stretch their skills. Project topics include: how to motivate others, delivering social speeches, making connections through networking, how to lead in difficult times, understanding your communication style, using presentation software, learning to reach consensus, and many more.

Members advance through their paths in five levels of progressing complexity. The levels are defined this way:

  1. Mastering Fundamentals
  2. Learning Your Style
  3. Increasing Knowledge
  4. Building Skills
  5. Demonstrating Expertise

The idea is to build on what you learned in the previous level. The goal throughout the Pathways program is to not just learn, but to apply what you learn.

Online and Interactive
Because Pathways is offered online, many interactive learning tools, including quizzes, assessments and activities, are featured in the projects. Members can use the program online or use both online and print materials. You can print materials directly from the learning management system—the system from which members access the online materials. In Pathways, this system is called Base Camp. Think of the program as a journey of personal development, an educational ascent. Reach for the top!

Members who choose to have the materials shipped to them from World Headquarters will not have access to the interactive learning tools or to as many learning paths as those who participate online.

Education videos are a key component of the new program. In addition, all educational materials in Pathways, including the videos, will be translated into eight languages.


The story of the Toastmasters Pathways education program officially began in 2010, when the Board of Directors called for the current program to be revitalized. Since then, many more chapters have been added to the story.

Understanding the history of the program’s development helps put the project into perspective. Early in the process a Board committee analyzed the skills, competencies and attributes required to succeed in all different roles in Toastmasters, including club-meeting roles and leadership roles at all levels.

The committee studied where members learned these skills, competencies and attributes—was it in Toastmasters or outside Toastmasters? This detailed analysis was a critical step in the revitalization process: It determined the gaps in the Toastmasters learning experience.

The Pathways development team also gathered data through a competitive analysis and member surveys. They learned what members wanted to see in an education program:

  • Real-world skills they could apply to their personal and professional lives
  • A better use of technology in the educational journey
  • Online access to educational projects
  • A flexible learning experience to help them meet their individual goals

The content that has resulted from this early and extensive work reflects a dynamic, skill-loaded program that will benefit members in many ways.

The story continues.

The Content Pilot
Last year, the Pathways team conducted a pilot to test the educational content of the program. It marked the first time any of the learning projects were completed in the club setting. More than 800 members participated in the content pilot—members from 168 clubs across 79 districts in 23 countries. Every learning project was reviewed at least six times.

The members provided feedback through project surveys. The Pathways team received more than 1,200 surveys, and the response was resoundingly positive.

Members also provided suggestions and constructive comments. The Pathways team carefully reviewed all pilot feedback and made important adjustments to projects based on the input.

Jing Humphreys, a Learning Master who participated in the pilot, says the program is user-friendly and easy to follow, adding that she was struck by “how current the content is and how relevant it is to something you would experience in your professional life.”

What’s Next?
The Pathways learning management system is going to be thoroughly tested before the program is released to members. The user experience will be simulated, any system bugs will be identified and corrected, and the quality will be ensured.

In January 2017, the program pilot will be conducted, in which three districts will try out Pathways. After that, Pathways will launch in a phased rollout by region—and members around the world will embark on an adventure in learning.

Says Humphreys: “It’s exciting all the way around.”

Content Pilot

The recent content pilot marked an opportunity for members around the world to test the educational content in the new program. More than 800 members in 23 countries completed a range of learning projects in the club setting.

Learning Masters and Chief Ambassadors, member volunteers in the revitalization process, served as liaisons in the content pilot, leading participating clubs in the process. Learning Master Ajitha Goonewardene DTM, a member in Colombo, Sri Lanka, says the learning projects she completed “were just excellent. They covered a variety of subjects that suited many people with different interests.”

Chief Ambassador Rob Christeson DTM, says the projects contained valuable and relevant information. One, for example, teaches learning skills to be successful at project management—something Christeson was particularly curious about, because he works as an Information Technology project manager.

“Even for someone like me, who has a lot of experience in that area, I thought there was a lot of good information,” says Christeson, a member of three clubs in Kansas. “Some of the additional handouts and tools are things you can really use on the job.”

Learning Master Jing Humphreys DTM, a member of two clubs in Pennsylvania, led five clubs in the content pilot. The feedback from members, she says, was very positive. “They felt the content was customized to members’ needs.”

The evaluation component of the revitalized program also drew praise. Evaluation guidelines are more rigorous and expansive than in the current program.

In the new program, evaluators are also encouraged to address the content in the speeches they are evaluating, something that Christeson says is useful.

A number of learning projects teach current methods of communication that are increasingly popular and that might be new to many members, such as communicating through blogs and podcasts. Goonewardene says she is embracing such challenges.

“For me, using the new methods involving technology was a great learning experience,” she says. “I am 77 years of age and have been a Toastmaster for 16 years and these projects opened a new line of advanced learning and interest for me.

5 Questions about Pathways

Q Why are we revitalizing the current education program?

A Toastmasters’ Board of Directors called on the organization to modernize the communication track and renew the focus on leadership learning. Additionally, there is a growing need to provide greater access to educational materials, expanded learning resources and an educational experience in which you learn skills you can transfer out into the world.

Q What will happen to the DTM in the new program?

A The DTM will still represent the highest level of educational achievement in Toastmasters. The specific requirements for achieving a DTM, as well as details surrounding recognition in Pathways, are still being finalized.

Q If I am currently working toward an education award, will I be able to finish by the time Pathways launches?

A Yes. The current and new programs will run concurrently for a minimum of 24 months after all districts have been included in the program rollout.

Q When will the new program start?

A The Toastmasters Pathways learning experience is scheduled to launch next year, in a phased rollout by region.

Q Will we have help learning to use the new program online?

A Yes! All Toastmasters leaders, from club leaders on up, will be trained in using the program online so they can help members use it.

PAUL STERMAN is senior editor of Toastmaster magazine.


By Kenneth H. Walley DTM (March 2017)

Contest picture 5

Ken Blake (with Area Director Hasheem Francis) wins International Speech Contest!

A festive anticipation and a giddy joy dominated the air on March 2nd, 2017 at the Herndon Branch Library for the start of the Orlando Toastmasters Club #28 International Speech and Table Topics Contests. The most awaited club event of the year, celebrated throughout Central Florida; drew highly esteemed Toastmasters dignitaries and very welcomed guests in large numbers. They packed the room, squeezing in tightly while members scrambled to find more chairs. Then with the loud smack of the gavel Sgt. At Arms Renee Ellis called the meeting to order amid the raucous sound of thundering applause. When the calamity died down, Renee reminded us of what drives our contests framing it in a quote from Howard Cosell : “The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give.” If there was a true “star” of this special night, that accolade would best befall Contest Master Zaq Perez. Zaq, a relatively new Toastmaster, bravely took on his complex and intricate duties as Master of Ceremonies with a charismatic flair and a professional competence that would have been worthy of any International Director. So smoothly did he orchestrate the proceedings that the contests ran ahead of schedule and the entertainment level was unanimously praised as “off the charts” from beginning to end. The first contest, the Table Topics Contest was soon underway as the most honored Chief Contest Judge Jack Wharton ACB, ALB dramatically intoned “Let the Contest Begin!” The question which all of the contestants would grapple with was “What does the world need more of or less of?” Verbal warriors Daphne Hart, ABC, CL; Latisha Simpson, Ken Walley DTM and Ken Blake DTM all answered this question in very different ways but still with a positive and upbeat theme. Some of the recurring ideas of what the world needs more of were centered upon love, unity, communications, family, trust, empathy, inclusion, and a belief in the ability to accomplish our dreams. Those things our contestants remarked that we need less of in the world today were often mentioned as division, hate, delusion, fear, inequality, prejudgment and low self-esteem both as individuals and as the human race. These moving, heartfelt answers all left an emotional impact upon our audience as did their constant adulation and cheering for the speakers. In order to provide revitalization for the next contest, a short intermission was declared.

Contesdt p[icture 4


Table Topics and International Speech Contestants Daphine Hart, Diana Walley. Ken Walley, Ken Blake, Detra Flood and Latisha Simpson.

The International Speech Contest is revered by all Toastmasters as the “holy grail” of oratory excellence, an example for others in the club to learn from and a challenge to the speakers to find a new standard for themselves. On this exceptional evening, we had four speeches that played with our hopes, dreams and feelings moving us and inspiring everyone. One such speech was from the first speaker Diana Walley ATMG, CL. She offered of herself a very personal story, in her speech titled “How I Overcame Child Sexual Abuse”. Diana related how she and her brother had been abused by a stepfather as a young girl and her frustration at not being able to protect her younger sister as well. She told the harrowing story of a neighborhood child molester who took advantage of her son many years later that galvanized her to contact lawmakers to change the laws in the State of Florida and intact the Child Sexual Predator Act. She did not stop there, forming her own child abuse organization to help other victims deal with this seldom talked about but more prevalent that known horror. “I know I will never truly heal from my abuse but helping others gave me a new hope for the future. “ said Diana. Our second speaker Detra Flood reprises a speech titled “Where’s Waldo? Detra actually came dressed like the whimsical hard-to-find puzzle book character! The message of her speech however was anything but whimsical, it was an important call for social inclusiveness in literature for children. Detra pointed out that “Seeing other cultures in what children are reading often teaches kids about diversity. Detra actually gave us a “child’s-eye view” from her own daughter’s perspective on learning about another cultures from a character she was reading about in a child’s book. Children feel a part of the story and a part of society in general.” She also noted that being included socially in books and other media, helps a child’s self-esteem and development. This was an important message that has long been overlooked in the established literary/publishing industry. Ken Blake DTM gave his classic “Lessons From Pretty Boy” speech that has delighted audiences that have had the pleasure of seeing this masterful storyteller perform. The speech which tells the tale of his father’s beloved but escaped parakeet and Ken’s family’s effort to replace it with a double. This of course led to many varied and hilarious results. This performance also had some very meaningful lessons about deception and forgiveness. Due to one of our contestants having to withdraw from the competition at the last moment, Ken Walley DTM volunteered to enter the oratory fray. Ken decided to give a new and original speech on a subject that he does not like to speak about and has remained mostly silent on during his entire life. Titled simply “Asperger’s”, Ken told about his struggles with Asperger’s disorder an autism spectrum disorder that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. Ken painted a picture of what it is like to be in a super-highly focused world the efforts of others to help him attempt to understand and overcome his every-day challenges. “Each person with Asperger’s is different. Often very different. Personality plays a major role. Asperger’s is believed to be a mild form of autism, and my Asperger’s is a mild form of Asperger’s but it does not seem “mild” to me.” With these four speeches, Club #28 set such a high standard it was widely debated if the judges would even be able to decide on a winner. Of course the duty of the judges, no matter how much they would like to send all of the contestants on to the Area Contest, was to pick winners. One thing is for certain was that the Contest Technical Support Staff (CTSS) were ALL winners! While the judges were out, Contest Master Jaq recognized those helped make these contests new Club #28 legends: Timers Robert Bacchus and Emily Ceskavich, Vote Counters Linda Klein and Susan Storma CC, CL as well as Chief Judge Jack Wharton ACB, ALB; Lensman and Vice President of Education Steve Wood CC, CL; Sgt. At Arms Renee Ellis and of course, the Contest Master Jac Perez.

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Chief Judge Jack Wharton, Timers Robert Bacchus and Emily Ceskavich; Vote Counters Susan Storma and Linda Klein, SAA Renee Ellis and Contest Master Jaq Perez in front.

Once the judges had returned with the verdict, Club #28 was honored to have Area 30 Director Hasheem Francis CC, CL to help hand out the beautiful trophies. In the Table Topics Contest Ken Walley DTM came in second place and the winner was Daphne Hart ACB, CL! In the International speech Contest again Ken Walley DTM came in 2nd place and (drum roll please…) the winner was Ken Blake DTM! It would hard to find two more able and deserving Toastmasters to represent Club #28 at the Area 30 Contest. The yearly phenomenon that is the Club #28 International Speech and Table Topics Contests may be over for 2017 but the many wonderful memories will last far longer than a year. These contests will be cherished for a long time to come.


By Jack Wharton ACB, ALB (February 2017)


Club #28 officers (l. to r.) Detra Flood Susan Storma CC ALB; Francis Obiozer, Jack Wharton ACB, ALB; Steve Wood CC, CL; Renee Ellis and Emily Ceskavich.

It is going to be a great start to 2017 for Club 28! The club has the opportunity to clinch the President’s Distinguished designation for the 14th time! Here are some specific goals that I have for the club this term:

1. To clinch the President’s Distinguished award and earn 10/10 goals in the program

2. To have really fun meetings – this involves individual members pushing themselves by performing new meeting roles and stepping outside their comfort zone with their speech projects

3. To emphasize the leadership track more – Toastmasters is a public speaking and leadership organization, and both parts of that are extremely important. I encourage members to bring their Competent Leadership manual to meetings, to complete the projects, and to get involved with the club speech contests and even serve as an officer if called to do so!

These are 3 strong goals for us to aim for in the first half of 2017. I am honored to be a part of a great team of officers: VPE Steve Wood, VPM Detra Flood, VPPR Emily Ceskavich, Treasurer Susan Storma, Secretary Francis Obiozor, and Sergeant at Arms Renee Ellis. 

Let’s make 2017 the best year yet for Club 28!


Jack Wharton


By Kenneth H. Walley DTM (January 2017 )

In the world of Science, nothing is left to chance. Experiments are done and re-done, until the facts reveal themselves. Orlando Toastmasters Club #28 has spent the last 84 years proving one simple fact: 2017  will be our best year ever.

Sure, you say that nothing is for certain. Even Listerine only kills 99.99% of the germs and Alabama’s Crimson Tide could theoretically lose the National College Football Championship. But Club #28’s best year ever being 2017?

That is 100% absolutely, completely and totally… going to happen.

2016 might be a little hard to beat. The club won another President’s Distinguished Award, we met tons of individual communication and leadership goals, incredible contests, speeches and meetings. 2015 was fantastic too… but 2016 was even better!


Using the 84 years of scientific data, if you graphed the success of Club #28… it would be a line going straight up! Each year better than the last!

2017 promises profound leadership and wisdom driven by a staff officers with creativity, vision and the willpower to accomplish once unimaginable feats of greatness. Of course our members are determined to meet their goals and unwilling to comprise to even to the smallest measure of mediocrity. We are more powerful. We are wiser. We are ready!

According to the experimental results, Club #28 learns and grows a little bit more each year. So every year we just get better.

Our leaders are stronger. Our members more welcoming, friendlier and helpful. Our speeches more interesting, educational and entertaining. Our contests more competitive. Our jokes funnier… We even have learned to make our guests feel more at home!

We proved it. There can be no other way!


2017 will be the best year ever for Orlando Toastmasters Club #28!

Congratulations to Club #28 “7 of 7″ officers trained at the Toastmasters Learning Institute!

IMG_1112 (2)

(l to r) Jack Wharton, Emily Ceskavich, Susan Storma, Renee Ellis, Linda Klein, Steve Wood, Lilly Phuong -Tang, Ken Walley, Ken Blake and Amy Sims at TLI. Other Club #28 members not shown, that were seen at TLI included Marie Loeffler, Chi Simons, Daphne Hart, Detra Flood and Francis Obiozor.

Club #28 Toastmasters were everywhere at the Toastmaster Learning Institute (TLI) held January 7th at the Calvary Assembly Church in Winter Park, including all 7 of the club’s officers which earned Club #28 another “7 of 7 ” officer training award… for our 5th straight time! Even more impressive were the number of Club #28 members who attended that were not officers. Many going to TLI for their first time.

IMG_1115 (2)IMG_1116 (2)
Chi Simons teaches at TLI

Area 32 Director Chi Simons ACB, ALB besides being one of the organizers for the event, which hosted hundreds of Toastmasters from all over the State of Florida; also led the officer training session for Treasurer. Another one of Club #28’s members Marie Loeffler DTM led the “Train the Trainer” class.

Because of the wonderful turnout of Club #28 and the willingness of our members to help organize and participate, we set just another example of how…Club #28  leads by example!


By Kenneth H. Walley DTM (December 2016)

WOW! It seems hard to believe that the year is almost over and Toastmasters Club #28 has added another exceptional chapter to our long history. Looking back at our 83rd  year, 2016 was filled with great challenges and even greater successes.

This club once again exceeded all expectations! Orlando Toastmasters Club #28 is continuing a renaissance that can only guarantee that 2017, our 84th year will be our best year ever!

LOOKING BACK: We celebrated our 14th  Presidents Distinguished Award in the last 16 years in June as well as for the seventh year in a row. A new record! Club #28 is well within reach of our 15th President’s Distinguished Award! We were the only club in our District to earn all 10 of the President’s Distinguished goals. We had great officer attendance in January and July at the Toastmaster Learning Institute, including a perfect “7 or 7” attendance at both 2016 Toastmasters Leadership Institute and makeup sessions. We had the largest club growth of new members in our history. Our President Chi Simons ACB, ALB also served as an Area Director. We sent speech winners to the Division level during both speech cycles. Club #28 also boasted some of the most enlightening and entertaining meeting ever produced by any Toastmasters Club… anywhere.

CONTESTS!: The International Speech and Table Topics Contest was held on March 3rd and it lived up (and surpassed) all of the hype producing two of Club #28’s best contests ever. In the International Speech Contest four of Club #28 best speakers Daphne Hart, Ken Blake, Susan Storma and Kara Newcomb all delivered incredible speeches. Daphne Hart‘s “The Mighty Oak” won the 1st place trophy. Daphne would go on to win the Area 31 Contest as well and compete at the Division ‘C’  level! In the Table Topics contest, Monique Smith-Trager, Ken Walley, Ken Blake and Eddy Cezalien battled it out. Ken Walley won first place and Monique came in second. The Humorous Speech Contest was equally impressive this year featuring Humorous Speech Speakers Daphne Hart, Monique Smith-Trager and Robyn Lesser.  Again Daphne took the first place prize with her very funny speech “Addicted”. Our Evaluation contest started with our Area Director Scott Maloney giving a “scientific” speech titled ‘My Thesis” which put forth the thesis that “Unicorns fart rainbows”. Having to review his speech were Ken Blake, Walk Jones, Robyn Lesser and Monique Smith- Trager. Ken B. ended up in first place. Ken would also go on to compete against Ken Walley competing for another club at the Area Contest and Ken B. won there as well! Thanks to our Contest Masters Jack Wharton (International & T.T.) and Kara Newcomb (Humorous & Evaluation) for making these exceptional contests possible.

MEETINGS: Some of the best meetings that Club #28 has ever had (83 years is a lot of wonderful meetings) were produced in 2016! This club produced some of it’s most impressive meetings in its existence along with growing our membership and becoming one of the most respected clubs in Florida. The club started out the year on a positive and optimistic note with it’s first meeting January 7th , the traditional “New Beginnings” meeting hosted by Ken Walley, We had brilliant theme meetings on “Inspiration” (1/7/16) with Toastmaster Daphne Hart, “Mentors” (1/21/16, TM: Chandra Ewell) and “Yin & Yang “ (2/25/16) wonderfully hosted by Jack Wharton. The “Flags” theme meeting (2/4/16) with Walk Jones and a “Breaking the Ice” theme meeting (4/7/16) featuring 3 Ice Breakers! Then there was the first ever Club #28”Table Topics Auction” meeting (3/10/16) which raised over $300 for the club! We had a “Road Trip” meeting ( 4/28/16) where visited the “Are You Takin’ To Me?” Toastmasters Club. The most fun meeting must have been the “Bachelorette/Bachelor Party” in which we toasted soon-to-be-married Toastmasters Monique Smith-Trager and Jack Wharton (but not to each other). Club #28 celebrated the Olympics (8/8/16 TM: Ken Walley). We had FOUR speech marathon meetings including one with a Halloween theme and crazy costumes AND two “Moments of Truth” planning sessions. To include all of the “best meetings” here, I would have to list them all! See the “past meetings” section of this website and take a fantastic walk down memory lane.

SPEECHES: If the meetings were amazing, the speeches were striking! Incredible! Marvelous, Fantastic speeches that made us laugh, cry, dream, hope and think… recently Renee Ellis‘s “Confessions of a Single Woman” did all of that! Christopher Fama in his rush to get his ACS, produced two unforgettable speeches: “An Untimely Death” and “ An Unsolved Mystery” which asked us “Did Hitler survive?” Chi Simons had the perfect Halloween speech:” The Dead’s Liver”! I thought I was in a theater watching a play during David Slaten‘s excellent “Heather’s Sunday Night Phone Call”. Speaking of a performance, Monique Smith- Trager’s very funny “Psychopathic for ‘I Love You!‘” had everyone laughing! Robyn Lesser‘s speech “Trick Horses Drink Two” was so good on so many different levels, you could write a whole book about it. Steve Wood got us using our minds and looking at the whole universe with “Where is All of The Anti-Matter?Walk Jones did something truly incredible with a speech featuring “Obama, Teddy Roosevelt, a Rose and Disney World”. Thank you Kara Newcomb for “I am the Daughter of Harold Newcomb” That speech is a treasure… and a true honor to your father. It would be impossible for me to choose a favorite speech that I heard this year, but Susan Storma‘s heartwarming “Tap!Tap!Tap!” would be way, way up on my list. Every one of these was a brilliant speech… and… This is just a sampling of the brilliant speeches that I heard this year at Club #28. The list of excellent speeches seems to go on forever!

ICE BREAKERS!: The Ice Breaker speeches were truly amazing! Our first Ice Breaker speech did not happen until February 25th when Diego Fuentes gave his speech with “Joy!”. We had more Ice Breakers this year than the previous two years combined! Chandra Ewell‘s excellent “Never!” was next. Then we had three Ice Breakers on April 7th: Debbie VickWho, What, Where Am I?”, Bren BedfordI Am” and Benjamin Rodriguez “Me, Myself and I” Soon Linda Klein was at the lectern with “Who is Linda Klein?” which had a very interesting answer to that question. Rose Bash left us with “A Rose by Any Other Name but Without the Thorns”. Nick Toporkov had the most technically beautiful Ice Breaker I’ve ever seen with in August tiled “Nick Toporkov”. Alex Guzman‘s Ice Breaker title “You Want to Know Me” was correct. We found out that Francis Obiozer was a master mind because it took one to produce his Ice Breaker “Mastermind.” Detra Flood gave an inspiring Ice Breaker “A Story was Born.Renee EllisMemories” titled Speech was, well… memorable. Alphaeus Flood told a story of Service and family in “Alphaeus“.  Latisha Simpson‘s “Big Hair” was a completely different way of approaching an introduction. My favorite Ice Breaker was the ingenious Ice Breaker of Andy McGrane where we learned about Andy from his friends at a party in “Circle of Friends.” Club #28 is not done! We have more Ice Breakers coming up in the next two months! Everyone has a story to tell and we heard some wonderful stories!

LEADERS!: It would be a great mistake to overlook those who served as club officers over the past year and worked so hard to create a truly positive learning environment such as is Club #28. Our Presidents over the past year were Kara Newcomb ACG, ALB and Chi Simons ACB, ALB. The Vice Presidents of Educations were Jack Wharton ACS, ALB and Monique Smith-Trager CC. They made the “toughest officer position” look easy. The Vice Presidents of Membership were Chi Simons CC, ALB and Daphne Hart CC, ALB. The club gained record new members thanks to their efforts. “Getting the word out” as Vice Presidents of Public Relations were , Monique Smith-Trager CC and Chandra Ewell. Handling the money were the invaluable Susan Storma CC, CL and Robyn Lesser CC as Treasurers. Ken Walley DTM and Linda Klein served as Secretary. We also had wonderful Sergeants at Arms in 2016: Daphne Hart CC, ALB and Benjamin Rodriguez CC. From all of the members of Club #28, both past and present, we sincerely thank you for your leadership!
I wish everyone at Orlando Toastmasters Club #28, its members, past members, guests, friends and family; along with all of those on the Herndon Library staff, a very merry and a very happy holidays and the most wonderful and joyous of new years!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy Toastmastering!


January- June 2018: President: Renee Ellis, VPE: Susan Storma , VPM David Hundeby, VPPR: Lily Phuong-Tang, Secretary: Ken Walley , Treasurer: Chi Simons, SAA: Daniel Gutierrez. International Speech & Table Topics Contests: Contest Master: , Chief Judge:, 1st Pl. TT: 2nd Pl.: TT:, 1st Pl. Int. Sp.: 2nd Pl. Int. Sp.:.

July-December 2017: President Detra Flood, VPE: Renee Ellis, VPM: David Hundeby, VPPR: Alphaeus Flood, Secretary: Daniel Gutierrez, Treasurer: Zaq Perez, SAA: Latisha Simpson. Humorous Speech and Evaluations Contests: Contest Chair: Contest Master: Marie Loeffler, Chief Judge: Daphne Hart, 1st Pl. Hum. Sp.: Ken Walley, 2nd Pl. Hum. Sp: Chi Simons, 1st Pl. Eval.: Zaq Perez, 2nd Pl. Eval.: Ken Walley.

January-June 2017: President Jack Wharton*, VPE: Steve Wood, VPM: Detra Flood, VPPR: Emily Ceskavich, Secretary: Francis Obiozer / Zaq Perez, Treasurer: Susan Storma, SAA: Renee Ellis. International Speech and Table Topics Contests: Contest Chair: Steve Wood, Contest Master: Zaq Perez, Chief Judge: Jack Wharton, 1st Pl. TT: Daphne Hart; 2nd Pl. TT: Ken Walley; 1st Pl. Int. Sp. Ken Blake, 2nd Pl. Int. Sp.:Ken Walley.

July-December 2016: President Chi Simons*, VPE: Monique Smith-Trager, VPM: Daphne Hart, VPPR: Chandra Ewell, Secretary: Linda Klein, Treasurer: Robyn Lesser, SAA: Benjamin Rodriguez. Humorous Speech and Evaluations Contests: Contest Chair: Chi Simons / Monique Smith-Trager, Contest Master: Kara Newcomb, Chief Judge: Troy Palmer, 1st Pl. Hum. Sp.: Daphne Hart; 2nd Pl. Hum. Sp.: Monique Smith-Trager ; 1st Pl. Eval.: Ken Blake; 2nd. Pl Eval.: Walk Jones.

January-June 2016: President Kara Newcomb*, VPE: Jack Wharton, VPM: Chi Simons, VPPR: Monique Smith, Secretary: Ken Walley, Treasurer: Susan Storma, SAA: Daphne Hart. International Speech and TT Contest: Contest Chair: Jack Wharton, Contest Master: Jack Wharton, Chief Judge: Walk Jones, 1st Pl. Intern. Sp.: Daphne Hart, 2nd Pl. Intern. Sp.: Susan Storma, 1st. Pl. TT: Ken Walley, 2nd Pl. TT: Monique Smith. 

July-December 2015: President Ben Quiroz+ / Marie Loeffler*, VPE: Marie Loeffler / Jack Wharton, VPM: Alex Rivas / Eddy Cezalien, VPPR: Wilner Luders / Monique Smith, Secretary: Ken Walley, Treasurer: Kara Newcomb, SAA: Kenza Wilhite Humorous Speech and Eval.Contest: Contest Chair: Laura Dowler,  Contest Master: Susan Storma, Chief Judge: Ben Quiroz, 1st Pl. Hum. Sp.: Milka Dersima, 2nd Pl. Hum. Sp.: Allen Monroe , 1st Pl. Eval.: Milka Dersima, 2nd Pl. Eval.: Ken Blake. (+Ben Quiroz served 1 1/2 months of his term.)

January-June 2015: President Marie Loeffler*, VPE: Ben Quiroz, VPM: Angela Abreu, VPPR: Betsy Carvajal, Secretary: Ken Walley, Treasurer: Kara Newcomb, SAA: Julie Remington. International Sp. & TT Contest: Contest Master: Allen Monroe; Chief Judge: Betsy Carvajal; Intl. Sp.: 1st Pl.: John Kirchner; 2nd Pl.: Marie Loeffler; TT: 1st Pl.: Jack Wharton; 2nd Pl.: Ken Walley.

July/December 2014: President: Eddy Cezalien* VPE: Marie Loeffler VPM: Ben Quiroz VPPR: Ken Walley Secretary: James Armbrust Treasurer: Betsy Carvajal SAA: Errica Jamil Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests: Contest Master: Betsy Carvajal; Chief Judge: Marie Loeffler; 1st Pl. Hum. Sp.: John Kirchner; 2nd Pl. Hum. Sp.: Barbara Cusack; 1st Pl. Eval: Allen Monroe; 2nd Pl. Eval.: Ken Walley.

January-June 2014 President: Jack Wharton*; VPE: Toni Mcivor / Jack Wharton; VPM: Eddy Cezalien; VPPR: Milka Derisma; Secretary; Ken Walley; Treasurer: Betsy Carvajal; SAA: Barbara Cusack. International Speech and TT Contest: Contest Master: Eddy Cezalien; Chief Judge: Jamaal Tatum; 1st Pl. Intl. Sp.: Rosalyn Porter ; 2nd Pl. Intl. Sp.: Milka Dersima; 1st Pl. TT: Milka Derisma ; 2nd Pl. TT: Jack Wharton.

July-December 2013 President: Mike Heidmann*; VPE: Ken Guzman  VPM: Jack Wharton; VPPR: Dr. Veronica Boaz; Secretary: Katherine Schwab / Ken Walley;  Treasurer: Angela Rivera; SAA: Dr. Angela Guzman. Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests: Contest Master: Kenneth Guzman, Chief Judge: Marie Loeffler, 1st Pl. Hum. Sp.: Barbara Cusack; 2nd Pl. Hum. Sp.: Toni McIvor; 1st Pl. Eval.:Veronica Boaz; 2nd Pl. Eval: Mike Heidmann. 

 January -June 2013 President: Rev. Walk Jones* ;VPE: Mike Heidmann ;VPM: Dr. Veronica Boaz; VPPR: Ken Walley; Secretary: Toni Crabtree / Ken Walley ; Treasurer: Barbara Cusack; SAA: Bekah Keyes. International Speech & TT Contest: Contest Master: Mike Heidmann; Chief Judge: DeLona Ashby ; 1st Pl. Intl. Sp.: Walk Jones; 2nd Pl. Intl. Sp.: Barbara Cusack; 1st Pl. TT: Milka Derisma; 2nd Pl. TT: Veronica Boaz;

July – December 2012 President: Malita Clarke*; VPE: Adam Heltemes; VPM: Dr. Veronica Boaz; VPPR: Ken Walley; Secretary: Jennifer Hensley; Treasurer: Rev. Walk Jones; SAA: Barbara Cusack. Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest: Contest Master: Jennifer Hensley; Chief Judge: Janet Beckles; 1st Pl. Hum. Sp.: Milka Derisma; 2nd Pl. Hum. Sp.: Barbara Cusack; 1st Pl. Eval.: Ken Walley; 2nd Pl. Eval.:Walk Jones.   

 January-June 2012 President: Malita Clarke*; VPE: Laval Brown; VPM: Adam Heltemes; VPPR: Ryan Dick; Secretary: Jennifer Hensley; Treasurer: Janet Madden; SAA: Ken Walley. International Speech & T.T. Contest: Contest Master: Ken Walley; Chief Judge: Luvenia Hart; 1st Pl. Intl. Sp.: Barbara Cusack; 2nd Pl. Intl. Sp.: Alan Brents;1st Pl. T.T.: Alan Brents; 2nd Pl. T.T.: Milka Dirisma.

July – December 2011 President: Ryan Dick*; VPE: Ken Walley; VPM: Jennifer Hensley; VPPR: Patti Stuart; Secretary: Mike King; Treasurer: Frank Adams; Sgt. at Arms: Heather Russell. Humorous Speech & Eval: Contest Master: Barbara Cusack ; Chief Judge: Demetrice Vassar ; 1st Pl. Hum. Sp.: Rodney Higgins ; 2nd Pl. Hum. Sp.:Walk Jones ; 1st Pl. Eval.: Ryan Dick; 2nd Pl. Eval.: Ken Walley.

January- June 2011 President Steve Wood*; VPE: Ken Walley; VPM: Frank Adams; VPPR: Wilner Luders; Secretary: Carolyn Stapleton; Treasurer: Barbara Cusack; SAA: Diane Hart. International Speech & T.T. Contest: Contest Master: Ken Walley; Chief Judge: Ken Peplow; 1st Pl. Intl. Sp.: Ken Blake; 2nd Pl. Intl. Sp.: Barbara Cusack; 1st Pl. T.T.: Ken Blake; 2nd Pl. T.T.: Diane Hart.

July – December 2010 President: Wilner Luders*; VPE: Ken Walley; VPM: Carolyn Stapleton; VPPR: Mark Gumula II; Secretary: Maltia Clarke; Treasurer: Barbara Cusack; Sgt. at Arms: Monica Walley. Humorous Speech & Eval. Contest: Contest Master: Barbara Cusack; Chief Judge: Luvenia Hart;  1st Pl. Hum. Sp.: Jamie Waters; 2nd Pl. Hum. Sp.: Ken Blake; 1st Pl. Eval.: Mark Gumula; 2nd Pl. Eval.: Ken Blake.

January- June 2010 President: Deepti Dhiman*; VPE: John Hines / Ken Walley; VPM: Wilner Luders; VPPR: Ruble Nedumkunnel; Secretary: Christopher Berns; Treasurer: Ken Walley; SAA: Barbara Cusack. International Speech & T.T. Contest: Contest Master: Deborah Ryan; Chief Judge: Helen Joseph (TT) & Scott Hoehn (Intl.); 1st Pl. Intl. Sp.: Ken Walley; 2nd Pl. Intl. Sp.: Barbara Cusack; 1st Pl. T.T.: Ken Walley; 2nd Pl. T.T.: Wilner Luders.

July- December 2009 President: Jose Lopez+ /Ed Dimayuga*; VPE; Ed Dimayuga/ Ken Walley; VPM: Deepti Dhiman; Secretary: Amber Gudenkauft / Michael Machata; Treasurer: Ken Walley; SAA: Jason Davis/ Steve Wood. Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests: Contest Master: Ken Walley; Chief Judges: Linda Ramey & Helen Joseph; 1st Pl. Hum. Sp.: Jamie Waters; 2nd Pl. Hum. Sp.: Jason Davis; 1st Pl. Eval.: Dennis Gola ; 2nd Pl. Eval.: Ed Dimayuga. (+Jose Lopez served one month of term)

January-June 2009 President: Barbara Cusack*; VPE: Deepti Dhiman; VPM: Ed Dimayuga; VPPR: Ebony Langston /Jason Davis; Secretary: Monica Walley; Treasurer: Jose Lopez; SAA: A. Michael Machata. International Speech & T.T. Contest: Contest Master: Barbara Cusack Chief Judge: Gloria Esteban; 1st Pl Speech: Jose Lopez; 2nd Pl. Speech: Deepti Dhiman. 1st Pl. T.T.: Ken Blake; 2nd Pl. T.T.:Dennis Gola. 

July-Dec. 2008 President Dennis Gola*; VPE: Mike Deichen (Ken Walley) ; VPM : Barbara Cusack; VPPR: Paul Hagge (Stephen Bentley); Secretary: Susan Deichen; Treasurer: Ken Walley; SAA: Jose Lopez. Humorous Speech & Eval. Contests: Contest Master: Bob Blaydes ; Chief Judge: Helen Joseph ; 1st Pl. Hum. Speech: Barbara Cusack ; 2nd Pl. Hum. Speech: Ken Walley ; 1st Pl. Eval.: Dennis Gola ; 2nd Pl. Eval.: Ken Walley. 

January-June 2008 President: Ken Walley; VPE: Susan Deichen; VPM: Mike Deichen; VPPR: Dennis Gola; Secretary: Barbara Cusack; Treasurer: Joe Cannazzaro; SAA: Ben Jackson. International Speech & T.T. Contest: Contest Master: Ken Walley; Chief Judge: Roxie Steadman 1st Pl. Speech: Bob Blaydes; 2nd Pl. Speech: Ken Blake; 1st Pl. T.T.: Dennis Gola; 2nd Pl. T.T.: Ken Blake.

July-Dec. 2007 President: Dennis Gola; VPE: Cathy Goonen/ Ken Walley; VPM: Ken Blake; VPPR: Sarah Stack; Secretary: Eddie Selover; Treasurer: Bob Blaydes; SAA: Ken Walley. Humorous Speech & Eval. Contest: Contest Master: Sarah Stack ; Chief Judge: Luvenia Hart; 1st Pl. Hum. Speech: Ken Blake 2nd Pl. Hum. Speech Eddie Selover; 1st Pl. Eval.: Dennis Gola; 2nd Pl. Eval.: Ken Blake.

January-June 2007 President: Angela Abreu; VPE: Andrea McManus; VPM: Ken Blake; VPPR: Sarah Stack; Sec.: Ken Walley; Treasurer: Bob Blaydes; SAA: Scott Waechter. International Speech & T.T. Contest: Contest Master: Ken Walley Chief Judge: Diana Estremera 1st Pl. Speech: Scott Waechter; 2nd Pl. Speech: Ken Blake; 1st Pl. TT: Venkey Allenky:; 2nd Pl. TT: Andrea McManus;

July-Dec. 2006  President: Ken Walley; VPE: Angela Abreu; VPM: Ken Blake VPPR: Darryl Stephens; Sec.: Bruce Wigel; Treasurer: Brian Lewis; SAA: Andrea McManus Humorous Speech & Eval. Contest: Contest Master: Warren Lakhan Chief Judge: Roxie Steadman 1st Pl. Hum. Speech: Ken Walley 2nd Pl. Hum. Speech: Brian Lewis 1st Pl. Eval.: Ken Walley 2nd Pl. Eval.: Andrea McManus.

Jan.-June 2006 President: Laurie Heinitz; VPE: Ken Walley; VPM: Dr. Ross Thomson; VPPR: Ed Carmona; Sec.: Mark Cox/ Ed Morris; Treasurer: Ed Morris; SAA: Angela Abreu. International Speech & T.T. Contest: Contest Master: Ken Walley Chief Judge: Lani Wynne-Hampton 1st Pl. Speech: Brian Wheeler 2nd Pl. Speech: Ed Morris 1st.Pl. T.T.: Dennis Gola 2nd Pl. T.T.: Russell Russ.

July-Dec. 2005 President: Barbara Lott; VPE: Laurie Heinitz; VPM: Joe Bowie Jr,; VPPR: Ken Walley; Sec.: Mark Cox; Treasurer: Dr. Ross Thomson; SAA: J.P. Grace. Humorous Speech & Eval. Contest: Contest Master: Laurie Heinitz Chief Judge: Delsa Deihl-Banks 1st Pl. Hum. Speech: Ed Carmona 2nd Pl. Hum Speech: Ross Thomson 1st Pl. Eval.: Ken Walley 2ns Pl. Eval.: Barbara Lott.

January-June, 2005 President: Ed Carmona*; VPE: Russell Russ; VPM: Joe Bowie, Jr.; VPPR: Barbara Lott; Sec.: Laurie Heinitz; Treasurer: Dr. Ross Thomson; SAA: Mark Cox. International Speech & T.T. Contest Master: Ed Carmona, Chief Judge: Helen Joseph,  1st Pl. Speech: Ken Walley, 2nd Pl. Speech: Phil Sumanpow, T.T. 1st Pl.:Ken Walley,  T.T. 2nd Pl.:Steve Litt.

July-Dec. 2004 President: Dr. Ross Thomson*; VPE: Edward Carmona; VPM: Dr. Paul Layman / Joe Bowie, Jr.; VPPR: Diana J. Walley; Secretary: Laurie Heinitz; Treasurer: Barbara Lott SAA: John Walker/Ken Walley. Humorous Speech & Eval. Contest: Contest Master: Dr. Ross Thomson. Chief Judge: Brenda DeArmond. 1st Pl. Hum. Speech: Ed Carmona. 2nd Pl. Hum. Speech: Joe Bowie Jr.  1st Pl. Eval.: Barbara Lott. 2nd Pl. Eval: Steve Litt.

Jan.-June 2004  President: Adam Scoggins*; VPE: Tony Betts; VPM: Brian Wheeler; VPPR: Diana Walley; Secretary: Ed Carmona; Treasuer: Dr. Ross Thomson; SAA: Chris Moore / (Assistant: Ken Walley); International Speech & T.T. Contest Master: Diana Walley  Chief Judge: Ann Kelly 1st Place Speech: James Webb. 2nd Place Speech: Joe Bowie Jr. 1st Place T.T.: Dennis Gola. 2nd Place T.T.: Sam Ryan.

July-Dec. 2003: President: Adam Scoggins* VPE: James Webb / Tony Betts VPM: Brian Wheeler VPPR: Ken Walley / Diana Walley Secretary: Tseganesh Gudeta Treasurer: Debbe Ryan SAA: Mark Cox Humorous Speech & Eval. Contest Master: Ken Walley; Chief Judge: Jeanine Stroud ; 1st Place Speech: Tony Betts 2nd Place Speech: Joe Bowie Jr. 1st Place Eval.: Dennis Gola 2nd Place Eval.: Steve Litt

Jan-June 2003: President: Diana Walley*; VPE: Adam Scoggins; VPM: Brian Wheeler; VPPR: Ken Walley; Secretary: Tseganesh Gudeta; Treasurer: Debbe Ryan; SAA: Mike Hare; Editor: Ken Walley. International Speech & T.T. Contest  Master: Debbe Ryan; Chief Judge: Richard Gump; 1st Place Speech: Ken Walley, 2nd Place Speech: Adam Scoggins, 1st Place T.T.: Ken Walley, 2nd Place T.T: Dennis Gola. 

July-Dec. 2002: President: Deborah Ryan*; VPE: Diana J. Walley; VPM & VPPR: Ken Walley; Secretary: Tseganesh Gudeta; Treasurer: Robert Murphy ( Assistant: Paul Hagge); SAA: Tony Betts Editor: Ken Walley. Humorous Sp. & Eval. Contest Master: Diana Walley; Chief Judge: Ed Goddard; 1st Place Speech: Ken Blake; 2nd Place Speech Ken Walley; 1st Place Eval. Ken Walley; 2nd Place Eval. Debbe Ryan.

Jan- June 2002: President: Deborah Ryan*; VPE: Kenneth H. Walley; VPM: Michael Joseph; VPPR: Diana J. Walley; Sec.: Tseganesh Gudeta; Trea: Helen Joseph; SAA: Robert Murphy; Editor: Diana Walley. International Sp & TT Contest Master: Ken Blake; Chief Judge: Carree Jewell; 1st Place Sp.: Robert Murphy; 2nd Place Speech: Ken Walley; 1st TT: Dennis Gola; 2nd TT: Ken Walley.

July-Dec. 2001: Pres: Michael Joseph*; VPE: Doug Baggett / Ken Walley; VPM: Dennis Gola / Helen Joseph; VPPR: Ralph Cowell; Sec: Ken Walley; Trea: Helen Joseph; SAA: Dennis Rookwood / Diana Eve Rosenberg; Editor/Web: Diana Walley. Hum Sp. & Eval. Contest Master: Gabrielle “Gabi” Mercier; Chief Judge: Alie Weber; 1st Pl. Sp: Ralph Cowell; 2nd Pl Sp: Diana Eve Rosenberg. Eval. 1st : Ken Walley; Eval. 2nd: Deborah Ryan.

Jan-June 2001: Pres: Ken Walley*; VPE: Michael Joseph; VPM: Ralph Cowell; VPPR: Nancy Cowell; Sec. & Trea.: Helen Joseph; SAA: Robin Knight; Ed: Diana Walley. Int. & TT. Contest Master: Ken Walley; Chief Judge: Anne Marie Burns; 1st Pl. Sp.: Ralph Cowell; 2nd Pl. Sp: Ken Blake; 1st TT: Michael Joseph; 2nd TT: Dennis Gola.

June-Dec. 2000: Pres: Helen Joseph*; VPE: Ken Walley; VPM: Michael Joseph; VPPR: Nancy Cowell; Sec. & Trea.: Linda Buttery; SAA: Dwayne Black / Ken Walley. Hum. Sp & Eval. Contest Master: Ralph Cowell and Michael Joseph; Chief Judge: Gabi Mercier; 1st Pl Sp.: Ken Walley, 2nd Pl. Sp.: Ken Blake; Eval 1st Pl. : Michael Joseph; Eval. 2nd Pl.: Ken Walley.

Jan.-July 2000: Pres. Dorothy Day Otis* / Linda Buttery / Helen Joseph VPE: Scott Greenwood / Ken Walley; VPM: Helen Joseph; VPPR & Sec.: Linda Buttery; Trea.: Wayne Fogel / Helen Joseph; SAA: Ken Walley. Intl. Sp & TT Contest Master: Dorothy Day Otis; Chief Judge: Ali’e Weber; Sp 1st Pl.: Ken Blake; Sp. 2nd Pl: Ash Mahavir; 1st TT: Ken Walley; 2nd TT: Wayne Fogel.

July-Dec. 1999: Pres: Ralph Cowell*; VPE: Helen Joseph; VPM: Michael Joseph; VPPR: Kristen Vennum; Sec: Dorothy Day Otis; Trea.: Nancy Cowell /Wayne Fogel; SAA: Scott Greewood. Hum. Sp. & Eval. Contest Master: Ralph Cowell; Chief Judge; Alie Weber; 1st Pl. Sp: Ralph Cowell; 2nd Pl: Diane Shaheen; Eval. 1st: Michael Joseph; Eval. 2nd: Dorothy Day Otis.

Jan.-June. 1999: Pres. Helen Joseph; VPE: Jeff Shetterly; VPPR: Sandi Alexander; VPM: Michael Joseph. Sec.: Kristen Vennum. Trea.: Hazel Wright.  SAA: Marc Joseph / Ken Blake.

1997: Pres. Maytee Amador (?)


July-Dec. 1996: Pres. Sandi Alexander; VPE: Diana Walley; VPM: Judy Holsclaw; VPPR: Tom Permar; Sec & Trea. : Mark Capermeyer; SAA: Steve Wilmarth.


Jan.-June 1996: Pres. Mary MacNeil; SAA: Steve Wilmarth.


July-Dec. 1995: Pres. Tom Permar; VPE: Mike Shamp; VPM: Judy Holsclaw; VPPR: Gloria Kemp; Sec.: Hubert Warner; Trea.: Kaye Robinson; SAA: Steve Wilmarth.


* President’s Distinguished Club.

 Toastmaster of Year 1996: Diana Walley****Only Year Awarded.

Ken Walley Outstanding Toastmaster Award: (established 2014)

  1. 2014: Eddy Cezalien
  2. 2015: Steve Wood



July 1999 to JUNE 2000 Presidents: Ralph Cowell, Dorothy Day Otis: Goal #1 Two CTMs: Scott Greenwood, Kristen Vennum. Goal #2: Two More CTMs: Ken Walley, Ken Blake, Wayne Fogel. Goal #3: One ATM: Diana Walley, ATMB. Goal #4: One More ATM: Dorothy Day Otis, ATMG. Goal #5: One CL, AL or DTM: Helen Joseph, CL. Goal #6: One More CL, AL or DTM: Dorothy Day Otis, CL. Goal #7: Four New Members: Ken Walley, Monica Rowskevitz, Rebecca Ballentine, Mary Fitzgibbons. Goal #8: Four More New Members: Mark McDevitt, Tisha Rumph, Roland Ramkassoon, Barbara Armstrong, Shinita Carter, Tom Hereford, Chris Turner, Anne Burns, Dwayne Black, Christy Sanchez. Goal #9: Minimum of Four Officers Trained for Each Period: (7/1-12/31 and 1/1-6/30): COMPLETED.Goal #10: One Semi Annual Membership Report and One Club Officer List Submitted on Time: COMPLETED.

JULY 2000 through JUNE 2001: Presidents Helen Joseph and Ken Walley: Goal #1: Two CTMs: Linda Buttery, Alex Logiou. Goal #2: Two More CTMs: Nancy Cowell, Robin Knight, Dennis Gola. Goal #3: One ATM: Ken Walley, ATMB. Goal #4: One More ATM: Diana Walley, ATMS, Ken Walley ATMS, Diana Walley, ATMG. Goal #5: One CL, AL, or DTM: Ken Walley, CL. Goal #6: One More CL, AL, or DTM: Ralph Cowell, CL. Goal #7: Four New Members: Michael Joseph, Alex Logiou, Edmond Solomon, Barbara MaynardGoal #8: Four More New Members: Farooq Akram, Joe Ferra, Joan Durant-Bryan, Jocelyn Clarke, Mark Cox, Jackson Young, Robin Knight, Steve Ashkenaz, Doug Baggett, Juan Tito, Dennis Rookwood, Dennis Gola, Robert MurphyGoal # 9: Minimum of Four Club Officers Trained for Each Period (7/1-12/31 and 1/1-6/30): COMPLETED. Goal #10: One Semiannual Membership Report and One Club Officer List Submitted on Time: COMPLETED.  

JULY 2001 through JUNE 2002: Presidents Michael Joseph and Debbe Ryan: Goal #1: Two CTMs: Michael Joseph (3rd), Tseganesh Gudeta. Goal #2: Two More CTMs: Helen Joseph and Michael Hare. Goal #3: One ATM: Ken Walley, ATMG. Goal #4: One More ATM: Ken Blake, ATMB. Goal #5: One CL, AL, or DTM: Ken Blake, CLGoal #6: One More CL, AL, or DTM: Debbe Ryan, CL. Goal #8: Four New Members: Debbe Ryan, Diana Rosenberg, Melissa Torres, Steve Jackson.Goal #9: Four More New Members: Tseganesh Gudeta, Michael Hare, Linda Dabney, James Liebl, Robin Knight (Rejoin), Sam Ryan, Paul Hagee, Judith Martin, Richard Gump, Pete Carrion. Goal # 9: Minimum of Four Club Officers Trained for Each Period: (7/1-12/31 and 1/1 – 6/30) COMPLETE.One Semiannual Membership Report and One Club Officer List Submitted on Time: COMPLETE.

JULY 2002 through JUNE 2003 Presidents: Debbe Ryan and Diana Walley: Goal #1: Two CTMs: Diana Walley (2nd), Adam Scoggins. Goal #2: Two More CTMs: Goal not reached. Goal #3: One ATM: Mike Hare, ATMB. Goal #4: One More ATM: Ken Walley, ATMB (2nd). Goal #5: One CL, AL or DTM: Sam Ryan, CLGoal #6: One More CL, AL, or DTM: Tseganesh Gudeta, CL. Goal #7: Four New Members: Caprice Martin, Vernonika Alexander, Brian Wheeler, Tony Betts. Goal #8: Four More New Members: Adam Scoggins, Mark Cox (Rejoin), Joe Griggs, Joe Bowie, Steve Litt, Hector Amezquita, Ed Carmona, Ross Thomson, Nancy Dunn, Tim Kennedy, Jim Stitt. Goal #9: Minimum of Four Club Officers Trained for Each Period (7/1-12/31 and 1/1- 6/30): COMPLETED Goal #10: One Semiannual Membership Report and One Club Officer List Submitted on time: COMPLETED.

JULY 2003-JUNE 2004 Presidents: Adam Scoggins (Two Terms): Goal #1: Two CTMs: Brian Wheeler, Tony Betts. Goal #2: Two More CTMs: Dr. Ross Thomson, Mark Cox, James Webb. Goal #3: One ATM: Tseganesh Gudeta, ATMB. Goal #4: One More ATM: Ken Walley (2nd) ATMS. Goal #5: One CL, AL or DTM: Steve Litt. Goal #6: One More CL, AL or DTM. Goal #7: Four New Members: Greg Seibert, Laurie Heinitz, Jannine Ynchaustegul, Earl K. Wood (Rejoin), Barbara Lott. Goal #8:  Four More New Members: Chris Moore, Darren Koltow, Eva Garrick, Russell Russ, Dr. Paul Layman, Monique Egelhoff, Darlissa Grifith, Jordan Ellington, Arthur Layman, David Dyrek, Ed Layman. Paul Hagge. Goal #9: Four Club Officers Trained for Each Period (7/1-12/31 and 1/1-6/30): 1ST PERIOD COMPLETED/ 2ND PERIOD COMPLETED . Goal #10: One Semiannual Membership Report and One Club Officer List Submitted on Time: COMPLETED. 

JULY 2004 through JUNE 2005 Presidents: Dr. Ross Thomson and Ed Carmona: Goal #1: Two CTM: Barbara Lott, Russell Russ. Goal #2: Two More CTM: Laurie Heinitz. Goal #3: One ATM: Brian Wheeler ATMB, Ross Thomson, ATMB. Goal #4: One More ATM: Ed Carmona, ATMB, Ken Blake, ATMS. Goal #5: One CL, AL, or DTM: Ed Carmona, CL Goal #6; One More CL, AL or DTM: Dr. Ross Thomson, CL. Goal #7: Four New Members: Andy Schrader, Robert Guerrero, John Loblack, John Walker. Goal #8: Four More New Members: Melissa Baldauf, Michelle Crane, Phil Sumampow, David Landers, Dr. Lisa Palmer, Wanda Diaz, Jennifer Mattison, Tamara Blaze, J. P. Grace, Ed Morris, Janet Rodriquez, Serita Morgan. Goal #9: Four Club officers Trained: for each period: (7/1-12/31) and 1/1-6/30): 1ST PERIOD: Pres. VPE, VPPR, Sec., Trea, SAA (Make Up Training 7/31/04) 2ND PERIOD: Pres. VPE, VPPR, VPM, Sec., (Planet TM). 2ND PERIOD:Goal #10: One Semiannual Membership Report and one Officer List Submitted on Time: COMPLETED. 

JULY 2008 Through June 2009 Presidents: Dennis Gola and Barbara Cusack: Goal #1: Two CC: Paul Hagge, Barbara Cusack. Goal #2: Two more CC: Jose Lopez, Susan Deichen. Goal #3: One ACB, ACS OR ACG: Dennis Gola, ACG. Goal #4: One more ACB, ACS or ACG: Goal #5: One CL, AL or DTM: Dr. Michael Dichen, CL. Goal #6: One more CL, AL or DTM: Barbara Cusack, CL. Goal #7: Four New members: Monica Walley, John Bonowitz-Coffey, Stephne Bentley (transfer), Jesse Baker. Goal #8: Four More New Members Ed Dimayuga, Deepti Dhiman, Ebony Langston, Jesus Serrano, Michael Vance, Herman Chahal, Debbe Ryan, Jim Stitt, William Watson, Justin Gay, A. Michael Machatta, Dionne Aiken, Tseganesh Gudeta, Erin Hoaglen, Alison Brooke Briggs, Bori Um, Amber Gudenkauf, Brian Wheeler, Steve Wood. Goal #9: Four Club officers Trained for each period: Pres. VPE, Secy. Trea. and SAA (7/08) and Pres. VPE, VPM, Secy. (1/09) Goal #10: Officer lists reported to TI  for 6/08 and 12/08. Dues reports submitted on time for both periods.

JULY 2009 THROUGH JUNE 2010 Presidents: Ed Dimayuga and Deepti Dhiman: Goal #1:Two CC: William Watson, Deepti Dhiman. Goal #2: Two More CC’s: Ed Dimayuga, Ruble Nedumkunnel. Goal #3:One ACB, ACS, or ACG: Ken Blake ACG. Goal #4: One More ACG, ACS or ACG: Goal #5: One CL, AL or DTM: Ed Dimayuga, CL. Goal #6: One More CL, AL or DTM: Deepti Dhiman, CL. Goal #7: Four New members: Patrice Hatcher, Kami Shahid, Jennifer Barrett, Rob Streeter. Goal #8: Four More new members: Christopher Berns, Sue Park, Ruble Nedumkunnel, Wilner Luders, John Hines, Ron Silva, Ebony Langston, Deborah Ryan, Dana Davis, Jose E. Lopez, Mark Gumula II, Carolyn Stapleton, George DeJesus, Malita Clarke, Tai Johnson. Goal #9: Four Club officers trained for each period: 1st July/August 09: Pres. VPE, VPM, Treasurer and SAA. 2nd Jan/Feb. 2010: Pres. VPE, VPM, VPPR, Secertary, Treasurer & SAA! Goal #10: One semi annual percaps & 2 officer lists submitted: Officer lists:6/09 & 12/09 Per Caps: 9/09 & 3/10.  

JULY 2010 THROUGH JUNE 2011 PRESIDENTS: Wilner Luders and Steve Wood: Goal #1: Two CC: 1.) Mark Gumula 2.) Frank Adams. Goal #2: Two more CC’s 1.) Monica Walley and 2.) Malita Clarke. Goal #3: One ACB, ACS or ACG  Ruble Nedumkunnel. Goal #4: One More ACB, ACS or ACG: Goal #5: One CL, AL or DTM: Monica Walley, CL. Goal #6: One more CL, AL or DTM: Walk Jones CL. Goal #7: Four new members: 1.) Alan Brents* 2.) Kevin Bauer 3.) Diane Hart 4.) Dr. Ross Thomson. Goal #8: Four More new members: 1.) Jed Freeland 2.) Richard Hendrix 3.) Marietta Bolatete 4.) Earlean Jones. Jim Stitt, Brian Wheeler, Sean Dunn, Chris August, Tony Betts Ruble Nedumkunnel, Brian Holecko, Jim Fitzgerald, Mike King, Mark Musgrave, Heather Russell, Jennifer Hensley, David Worsham, Patti Stuart, Edward Hutchinson Adam Heltemes *Alan Brents re-joined after leaving. Goal #9: Four club officer trained for each period: 1st July/August 2010: Pres., VPE, VPM, Treasurer, Secretary and SAA and Feb. 2011: Pres. VPE, VPM, VPPR, Treasurer & SAA. Goal #10: One semi annual percaps & 2 officer list submitted: Officer lists 6/10 & 12/11 Per Caps: 9/09 & 3/11. Completed.

JULY 2011 THROUGH JUNE 2012 PRESIDENTS: Ryan Dick and Malita Clarke: Goal #1: Two CC’s : 1.) Ryan Dick 2) Laval Brown Goal #2: Two more CC’s: 1.) Jennifer Hensely 2.) Steve Wood Goal #3:  One ACB, ACS or ACG: 1.) Barbara Cusack ACB Goal #4: One more ACB, ACS or ACG: Goal #5: One CL, AL or DTM: Ruble Nedumkunnel, CL (7/11) Goal #6: One more CL, AL or DTM: Wilner Luders CL Goal #7: Four New Members: 1.) Janet Madden (7/11) 2.) Laval Brown (7/11) 3.) Michael Whisenant (7/11) 4.) Rodney Higgins (7/11 -dual) Goal #8: Four more New Members: 1.) Natalie Mencia (8/11) 2.) Demetri Ganoff (8/11) 3.) Jason Price (10/11) 4.) Stokley Gittens (10/11) Belinda Brown (10/11) Bihn Nguyen (1/12) Veronica Boaz (1/12) Albert Mitterson (1/12) Milka Derisma (2/12) Goal #9: at least four officers trained during each training session: 1st (July-Aug. 2011) All Seven officers! 2nd (Jan.-Feb. 2012): Pres. VPM, Treasurer, Secretary and SAA. Goal #10: One semiannual Percaps report or one officer list submitted on time to TI: 1st Percaps by 9/30/11 DONE 2nd by 4/10/12. Officer Lists 1st by 12/23/11 DONE, 2nd by 6/30/12. 

JULY 2012 THROUGH JUNE 2013 PRESIDENTS: Malita Clarke and Walk Jones: Goal #1: Two CC’s 1. Diane Hart 2) Adam Heltemes. Goal #2 2 More CC’s: 1. Milka Derisma 2. Bekah Keyes. Goal #3 One ACG, ACS or ACG: Walk Jones ACG.  Goal #4: One More ACG, ACS or ACB: Goal #5: One CL AL or DTM: Ken Walley CL.  Goal #6:One More CL, AL or DTM: Mike Heidmann CL.  Goal #7: Four new members: Ken Guzman, Marcos Clavo, Bekah Keyes Jimmy Vo.  Goal #8: Four More New Members: Katherine Schwab, Melissa Becker, Eddy Cezalien, Angela Guzman, Jack Wharton, Toni McIvor, Angela Rivera, Sarah Peerani, Rosalyn Porter, Franklin Santos Adam Winter. Goal #9: Four Officer Trained during each training session: 1st (July/Auguat 2012) PRES, VPE, VPPR SEC. TREAS. & SAA 2nd (Jan/Feb 2013) PRES VPE, VPPR, SEC, TREAS. & SAA.  Goal #10. One Semiannual Per Caps report and one officer list submitted on time to TI: 1.) 1st Per Cap by 9/30/12 DONE 2nd Per Cap by 4/10/13 DONE 2) Officer Reports: 1st by 12/23/12 DONE 2nd by 06/30/13 DONE  

JULY 2013 THROUGH JUNE 2014 PRESIDENTS: Mike Heidmann and Jack Wharton: Goal #1: Two CC’s Veronica Boaz, Toni McIvor. Goal #2: Two more CC’s Jack Wharton. Goal #3: One ACB, ACS OR ACG: Rosalyn Porter ACG .  Goal #4: One more ACB, ACS OR ACG: Marie Loeffler ACS. Goal #5: One CL, AL or DTM: Kenneth Guzman CL.   Goal #6: One more CL, AL or DTM:  Toni McIvor CL 2.) Jack Wharton CL 3.) Ken Blake DTM. Goal #7: Four New Members: 1.) Christie Malamatos 2.) Fernando Ziemer 3.) Jody Rousseau 4.) Deborah Ryan. Goal #8: Four more new Members:1.) Betsy Carvajai 2.) Wesley Edmund  3.) Gary Piper 4) Marie Loeffler Others: Jim Stitt,  Brian Wheeler, Gurinder Virdi, Ryan Popovic, Ben Quiroz,  Errica Jamil, Sebastian Guinard,  Robert Morgan,  John Kirchner,  Allen Monroe, Yazan Morghab, Karen Climer,  James Armbrust,  Annie Chau,  Diego Fuentes and Anthony Davis.  Goal #9: Four officers trained during each training session: 1st (July/August 2013) PRES., VPE, VPPR, VPM, TRES. and SAA 2nd (Jan./Feb. 2014) PRES., VPE, VPM, VPPR, SEC., TREAS. and SAA (all 7!). Goal #10: One semiannual Per Caps report and one officer list submitted on time to TI: 1.) 1st Per cap by 9/30/13 DONE 2nd Per cap by 4/10/14 DONE 2) Officer Reports: 1sdt by 12/23/13 DONE 2nd by 06/30/14 DONE!.

JULY 2014 THROUGH JUNE 2015 PRESIDENTS Eddy Cezalien and Marie Loeffler: Goal #1: Two CC’s: 1.) Angela Rivera 2.) Ben Quiroz Goal #2: Two more CC’s:  1.) Eddy Cezalien 2.) John Krichner  Goal #3 One ACB, ACS, or ACG: Barbara Cusack ACS  Goal #4: One More ACB, ACS or ACG: Ken Walley ACS Goal #5: One CL, AL or DTM: Ken Walley ALB (Ken Blake DTM, ALS credit to Let’s Talk Club #4413)  Goal #6: One More CL, AL or DTM: Marie Loeffler DTM (and ALS) (Walk Jones DTM, ALS credit to the Uptown Club #6304) Ken Walley DTM (and ALS) Goal #7: Four new Members: Alan Brents 2.) Jeremy McCall 3.) Angela Abreu  4.) Christine Abreu Goal #8: Four more new Members:1.) Stokley Gittens 2.) Kara Newcomb 3.) Julie Remington 4) Kenza Wilhite,  Kevin Phillips, Alexander Rivas, Max Pena, Jenny Ouyang, Manuel Michel, Wilner Luders Joe Young, Franklin Santos, Michael Whitaker, Christopher Fama, Monique Smith, Patricia Cyrus, Yulia Shea, Susan Storma, Laura Dowler, Tim Laddie  Goal #9: Four officers trained during each training session: 1st: (July/August 2014) PRES, VPE, VPM, VPPR, SEC., TREAS and SAA (all 7!). 2nd (Jan./Feb. 2015) PRES. VPE, VPM, VPPR, SEC. TREAS., and SAA (all7!). Goal #10: One Semiannual Per Caps report and one officer list submitted on time to TI: 1.) 1st Per Cap by 9/30/14 DONE 2nd Per Cap by 4/10/15 DONE 2) Officer Reports 1st by 12/23/14 DONE and 2nd by 6/30/15 DONE!

JULY 2015 THROUGH JUNE 2016 Marie Loeffler  and Kara Newcome: GOAL #1: TWO CC’S: (Competent Toastmaster / Completing Basic Manual): 1.) James Armburst CC   2.) Betsy Carvajal CC GOAL #2: TWO MORE CCs! 1.) Susan Storma CC    2.) Daphne Hart CC GOAL #3: ONE AC (Advanced Toastmaster) Bronze, Silver or Gold) 1.) Jack Wharton ACB GOAL #4: ONE MORE ACB, ACS or ACG:  1.) Christopher Fama ACS GOAL #5: ONE CL, ALB, ALS (Competent Leader Awards) or DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster Award): 1.) Jack Wharton ALB GOAL #6: ONE MORE CL, ALB, ALS OR DTM: 1.) Daphne Hart CL GOAL #7: FOUR NEW MEMBERS! 1.) Tim Latty (new 7/15) 2.) Terri Hundeby (New 7/15) 3.) Frank Adams (7/15 rejoin) 4.) Milka Derisma (rejoin 8/15) GOAL #8: FOUR MORE NEW MEMBERS! 1.) Daphne Hart (new 8/15) 2) Julie Durakis (new 8/15) 3.) Xavier Ordonez ( new 8/15) 4.) Siliva Kim (new 9/15) 5.) Virginia Gonzalez (9/15) 6. Chi Simons (new 10/15), 7.  Robin Lesser (10/15), 8. Amy Sims (11/15) 9. Mercedes Vicuna (11/15) 10.) Ben Rodriquez 11.) Deborah Vick 12.) Bren Bedford  13.) Linda Klein 15.) Rose Bash 16.) Pam Klein 17. Brenna Droege 18. David Slater 19. Brenna Droege. GOAL #9: AT LEAST FOUR OFFICER TRAINED  (Attending TI Officer Training for both TM term sessions) July 2015:  Pres.; VPE; VPPR, VPM; Secretary; Treasurer; SAA (7 of 7!) January 2016: Pres.; VPE; VPPR; VPM; Secretary; Treasurer; SAA (7 of 7!). GOAL #10: SUBMITTED ON TIME ONE SEMI-ANNUAL PER CAPS AND ONE CLUB OFFICER LIST: Semi Annual (Per Caps) due by 9/30/2015 and 3/31/2016: Per Cap #1:) Done!   Per Cap #2:) Done! Officer Lists due by 12/31/15  and 06/30/16: List #1: Done! List #2:) Done!

July 2016 through June 2016 PRESIDENTS Chi Simons and Jack Wharton GOAL #1: TWO CC’S: (Competent Toastmaster / Completing Basic Manual): 1.) Chi Simons CC   2.) David Slaten CC GOAL #2: TWO MORE CCs! 1.) Robyn Lesser CC    2.) Monica Smith-Trager CC (3.  Amy Sims – Credit to Let’s Talk #4433) (4. Nick Toporkov  GOAL #3: ONE AC (Advanced Toastmaster) Bronze, Silver or Gold) 1.) Chi Simons ACB (also ACS) GOAL #4: ONE MORE ACB, ACS or ACG:  1.) Christopher Fama ACS GOAL #5: ONE CL, ALB, ALS (Competent Leader Awards) or DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster Award): 1.) Daphne Hart CL GOAL #6: ONE MORE CL, ALB, ALS OR DTM: 1.) Steve Wood CL, (Others: Chi Simons CL, Chi Simons ALB, Daphne Hart ALB, Susan Storma ALB) GOAL #7: FOUR NEW MEMBERS! 1.) Alex Guzman (7-16) 2.) Nick Toporkov (8-16)   3.) Renee Ellis (8/16)  4.) Clideltra (Detra) Flood (9/16) GOAL #8: FOUR MORE NEW MEMBERS! 1.) Joey Jacobshagen (9/16)  2) Lily Tang (9/16) 3.) Vincent Duong-Son (9/16) 4.) Francis Obiozov (10/16)… 9. Alpheaus Flood 10. Emily Ceskavich 11. Zaq Perez 12. Bachir Djehiche, 13. Julian Castano 14. Robert Bacchus, 15. Alvaro Mejia 16. Livia Petraru 17. Tahreek Duncan 18. Meg Given 19. Daniel Gutierrez 20. Tea Tran 21. Diana Walley 22. David Hundeby GOAL #9: AT LEAST FOUR OFFICERS TRAINED  (Attending TI Officer Training for both TM term sessions) July-August 2016:  Pres.; VPE; VPPR, VPM; Secretary; Treasurer; SAA (7 of 7!) . January 2017: Pres.; VPE; VPPR; VPM; Secretary; Treasurer; SAA (7 of 7!)GOAL #10: SUBMITTED ON TIME ONE SEMI-ANNUAL PER CAPS AND ONE CLUB OFFICER LISTSemi Annual (Per Caps) due by 9/30/2016 and 3/31/2017: Per Cap #1:) Done!   Per Cap #2:) Done!  Officer Lists due by 12/31/16  and 06/30/17: List #1: Done! List #2:) Done!