I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say hi, and tell you how much Toastmasters benefited me today! I had to lead several meditations in a corporate setting this afternoon, and it required me to speak to groups of about 25 people. I had to discuss the benefits of meditation and then guide the sessions.

I could never have done this without Toastmasters! I knew to make eye contact, watch my “ums and so’s” etc.  I knew to pause, I was aware of my rate of speech, etc. Honestly, I never would have had the confidence to even try this without Toastmasters and all the support from our club.  I wasn’t even very nervous beforehand. I kept thinking I should be more nervous!
I can’t recommend Toastmasters enough!”


“I use to get sick to my stomach when it would be my turn to speak, while I
sat in the seat waiting for someone to call on me I wasn’t even paying
attention to the other speakers because I was so stuck in my head worrying
about if my words are going to come to me when they call on me.

From being in this club, I’ve noticed a drastic change in my feelings. I no longer
worry if they are going to call on me, I smile when they do and just have
fun with it, I enjoy being a part of the club and speaking often because for
far to long I have been quiet and for what? All because I was scared of my

Don’t let fear control you as I did for many years, I feel free like
I can do anything I desire and speak about anything. Thank you club 28 for
being encouraging and believing in me more then I once did. I would
recommend this club to anyone who thinks they could never speak in a group,
it’s possible when others believe in you because it teaches you to believe
in yourself. “


“This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to give my father’s eulogy at our club to rehearse and receive feedback and before doing it “for real” the next night at my father’s memorial service. My father was loved by many and as it turns out, there were close to 400 people in attendance. Because I was able to practice in front of my fellow Toastmasters, I felt prepared and focused enough to deliver my father’s eulogy with absolute confidence (and thankfully,) without breaking down.

I can’t say enough about how Toastmasters has helped me grow since I joined…taking me from not being able to get up in front of five people without literally shaking, to confidently getting up in front of nearly 400 and delivering the hardest words I’ve ever had to say. This was not only the result of the previous night’s TM meeting, but the steady growth of confidence that I’ve built up since joining two years ago.

Those of you who are new to Toastmasters, I want to urge you to stick with it. A year from now, I promise you that your confidence and your ability to communicate to an audience will improve in a way that you probably can’t even imagine right now. Thank You Toastmasters!” 

BRIAN WHEELER:  (Founder/President of Tijuana Flats Restaurants)  

“Because of Toastmasters I am a much better leader with more confidence. I have gone from worrying about my meetings to looking forward to blowing them away with a great presentation!”


“My wife Diana Walley brought me to a meeting because she saw that I had a very hard time overcoming the fear of speaking in public. Due to a bad case of stage fright I developed in college, I had become more and more withdrawn. Toastmasters was the perfect thing for me! Not only did the Toastmaster program help me to overcome my fear of public speaking but it has opened many new doors for me socially, personally and professionally.”  


“Thanks to Toastmasters, when I went into the job interview, I did not feel as if I was going in there alone. I felt as if I was walking with an army beside me! I gained confidence and I remembered to show enthusiasm and to use the speaking skills that I had found here at Toastmasters. I got the job! But Toastmasters did not stop there. It helped me on the job as well!”