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By Kenneth H. Walley DTM

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Photo: r to r:  Division C Director Marie Loeffler  DTM  passes the Gavel to new Club #28 Sgt. at Arms Vincent Son while Secretary Pam Butler,  Treasurer Chi Simons DTM,  VP of Public Relations Chip Russell, VP of Membership Joy Slater, VP of Education Kate Murray and President Kara Newcomb .

The new slate of Club #28 officers were sworn in at the June 27, 2019 Installation of Officrs and “Passing of the Gavel” ceremony led by  Division C Director Marie Loeffer DTM  at the Herndon Branch Library.  These officers will serve the July- December  2019 term.

This is a group of  brave, dynamic officers… three officers are serving for the first time ever in a Toastmaster term, one is returning as an officer but in a different role for the 1st time at Club #28, two others will be returning a position they have served in before and one will be continuing in the same post.   Please congratulate these courageous Toastmasters when you see them:

Our new Club #28 President as well as our new Area 32 Director is Kara Newcomb ACG, ALB: Kara started her Toastmasters “career” back in 1998 while attending Florida Southern College.   She has a degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Finance, Marketing, International Management, and Hotel Resort Management.   Throughout her years in Toastmasters she has served as Secretary, Treasurer (three times), VP of Membership (twice), , and  VP of Education (once) and now is a President for the third time.  Kara has also taken on the responsibilities of being the Area 32 Director! She has also mentored new clubs.   She is the owner and sole operator of Kara’s Pet Kare where she works with the most amazing/lovable furry clients, and Newcomb’s Bookkeeping Services where she utilizes her knowledge and experience in accounting to help small businesses keep their finances “in order.”   She is very excited to serve as President and Area Director this year for “The Great 28″! .

Our Vice President of Education is Kate Murray who stepped up to serve as our Secretary and then when an opening came up for Vice President of Public Relations, she volunteered to do that as well! Only in the club since February of 2018, she was the first non-DTM Club #28 member to achieve her first Pathways level! Kate is a multi-passionate educator, performer and entrepreneur who wears many hats including that of Board member with the local organization Playwright’s Round. 

First time officer and Vice President of Membership is Joy Slater. 

 At Vice President of Public Relations is Chip Russell.

Secretary: Pam Butler:

Our Treasurer is Chi Simons DTM.

Returning as Sergeant at Arms is Vincent SonVincent is currently working on his Computer Science degree at Valencia Community College. He is also a member of VEYM (Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement). While working in the youth mentor programs for VEYM, Vincent is  studying his youth leadership skills. He likes to play volleyball, cook, and compete in competitive chess for fun. In addition, Vincent travels to different places and explores new cultures, meets new people, and “takes any opportunity to learn new things.” Said Vincent, “I joined Toastmasters to improve my speaking skills in the hopes that I will become a good communicator and a good community leader.”

Our Immediate Past President Daphne Hart DTM 

The new Division C Director is also a member of Club #28, she is Marie Leoffler DTM  Marie joined Toastmasters in June 2011 and became  a member of Club 28 in October 2013.  She earned her first DTM in 2014 and completed her second last September. In addition to serving in a number of Club #28 Offices,  she has served District 84 as Area 30 Governor, Sponsor/Mentor Chair, Club Coach Chair, and Train the Trainer Chair.  Currently, Marie is serving as District 84 Speaker Bureau Chair. Marie is a certified Life and Career Coach with her own practice. She is known for her creative presentations and innovative programs that encourage Christian Women in Business to strengthen their leadership presence without compromising their beliefs. To feed her creative spirit, Marie performs as a Solo Handbell Artist for church services, special occasions, and in full concerts.

These are all talented leaders with a great vision for our club. We applaud all of them for having the courage to lead and we thank them for their time and efforts in helping to keep the great tradition of Club #28 leadership alive and well.  

With such a capable and hard-working staff, Club #28 is looking forward to the most successful Toastmaster term in it’s long history! 


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David Hundeby CC David has been more than just an amazing Toastmaster. Sure, he has mesmerized us with thrilling, moving, thought-provoking and entertaining speeches. Of Course, he has provided us with leadership and inspiration. The main thing David has done however for Club #28 is to serve as an example of how to make others feel good about themselves. Upbeat and positive… David has been a force in our club! Thank you and congratulations David Hundeby CC!

Kate Murray VC3 Racing through her Pathways Project! Kate achieved her third level in record time! Congratulations on your Visionary Communication Awards! Wow!

Jose Vela CC Dynamic speeches, inspiring themes and fantastic entertainment… these are what Club #28 members have come to expect every time Jose steps behind the lectern! More than that, Jose has proven to be a friend to all and an ever optimistic source of good will. Thank you for making our meetings fun and enjoyable. Thank you for challenging us to be better leaders and Toastmasters. Thank you and Congratulations Jose Vela CC!

Kate Murray VC2– Congratulations Kate on reaching yet another level of the Visionary Communication Project!

Marie Leoffler ACG/ALS  (2nd) DTM! Becoming Club #28’s first two time winner of the highest award a Toastmaster can reach is Marie Leoffler! It is almost impossible to explain the amount of effort that is involved in earning your 2nd DTM. Marie has been the glue that keeps this club together. She is simply outstanding!

Lily- Phuong Tang IP1 – Congratulations Lily on earning your first Pathway level: Innovative Planning level 1! Lily earned her CC as well less than a month ago.

Joey Jacobshagen CC In his 10th speech on November 1, 2018 Joey told us about “his obstacles”, many of which would have kept almost anyone from public speaking. Joey however bravely pressed on to earn his CC award. While his speech was inspirational it has been Joey himself who has given us the courage to tackle our own projects and to succeed in Toastmasters. Watching Joey improve and conquer has been a joy ro every member of Club #28! Congratulations Joey Jacobshagen CC!

Kate Murray VC1 Kate is our 1st non-DTM to earn a Pathway recognition: Visionary Communications 1st Level! That’s not the only remarkable thing about Kate. She has been in the club for less than a year and is our Vice President of Public Relations and our club Secretary. How is that for leading by example!

Susan Storma ACS it is not just the brilliance of her ability to entertain and communicate through some of the most imaginative speeches in Club #28’s long and impressive history. It is not just her leadership that has helped guide this club over the past few years to such success. It is not even her wonderful personality or her effortless abilities to make friends, her mentor-ship of others or the uplifting that she brings to all of us; each and every time she comes to a Club #28 meeting. What it is… is all of this… and the example she sets that we try to follow. Congratulations Susan on your well-earned ACS!

Lily- Phuong Tang CC The most amazing thing about Lily is her ability to amaze. In her CC graduation speech (titled “My Story“)  on May 3rd 2018, Lily spoke about a number of Toastmasters who had inspired her. Now, it is Lily who is inspiring others. With English only as a “second language”; Lily has courageously earned her CC making tremendous strides in the process. That’s not all! She stepped up to be Club #28’s Vice President of Public Relations, mastering Facebook and publicizing the club. She has become a community organizer of youth programs outside of Toastmasters. Lily has even stepped up to be the next Area 30 Director! Lily is a great example of what a couple of years in Toastmasters can do… Amazing!

Linda Klein CC Linda has been inspiring our club every since she joined our club almost two years ago. She has served as an officer and is always willing to help out in any way she can. After a career as a Realtor, rather than “sit around the house” during her retirement, Linda has taken it upon herself to remain active in the community by volunteering her time to a number of deserving causes, taking (challenging) exercise classes, improvisational theater and (lucky for us) Toastmasters! Thanks for the memories, but we look forward to what’s ahead! Congratulations Linda CC!

Detra Flood ALB In only 6 months Detra pulled off a feat that takes some Toastmasters more than a year to achieve: earning a “Triple Crown” award. You have to reach 3 different communicator and/or leadership goals within a Toastmasters year to do it. Detra earned her ALB award (and soon to come her ACB as well) the first week in December. No surprise through Detra, Club #28’s current President has be exceeding expectations ever since she joined our club! Congratulations Detra ALB!

Detra Flood CL I have said so many good things about Detra on this website you would think I would have run out of wonderful things to say about her. That’s just not possible! Besides being a brilliant speaker, a devoted leader of our club and an awesome example of caring about others, Detra is also our newest Competent Leader! This is just the start however of a very promising future both in and out of Toastmasters for this young leader.

Renee Ellis CL Only one week after earning her CC, Renee came back for her Competent Leader Award! Leadership seems to come natural to Renee as in only year’s span, she has already taken on the officer positions of Sergeant-at -Arms  and is our current Vice President of Education. She has the potential to achieve anything she wants in the Toastmasters program! Congratulations Renee CL!

Renee Ellis CC Renee Joined the ranks of Competent Communicators on August 17, 2017 with a powerful and moving 10th speech titled “We Need to Talk About it“. Since joining the club less than year before earning her CC, Renee has become a truly important part of Club #28’s success. Her Toastmasters journey has just begun however and the entire club cannot wait to hear more brilliant speeches from her in the near future! Congratulations Renee!

Chi Simons ALS/ ACG/ DTM Chi joined Club #28 on October 15, 2015. Less than two years later, Chi would reach the highest individual goal that can be achieved by a Toastmaster: Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). Shortly after earning her Competent Communicator Award, Chi bravely took on the roles of President of the Oldest Toastmasters Club East of the Rockies as well as serving as the Area 31 Director!  She would soon earn the coveted “Triple Crown” award by racing through an astounding SIX Toastmasters levels in one year: CC, CL, ACB, ALB, ALS and ACS along with her High Performance Leadership project. Recently she added the final pieces by sponsoring 2 clubs (the Landmark Toastmasters Club and the Orlando Center Club) as well as mentoring the Orlando Deloitte Club, and earning her ALS… thus reaching Distinguish Toastmaster… Whew! Chi is a wonderful example for others; a Communicator, a Leader,  a Doer  and a Friend! Few, if any… can say they worked harder to achieve their DTM… or deserve it more. Congratulations Chi… DTM!

Detra Flood CC Very few people in the history of Club #28 have made such a large impact on our club in such a short amount of time as Detra Flood! On July 27, 2017 Detra completed her Competent Communicator Award with a very inspiring speech titled “The Call: Answered Prayers“. Detra has amazed and moved us with some brilliant speeches on the way to her CC.  Also Detra has answered the call (and some prayers) for Club #28 by becoming the President for this new term. Congratulations Detra!

Susan Storma ACB Starting out the new Toastmasters term, on July 20, 2017 Susan gave her Advanced Communicator Bronze graduation speech to earn Club #28 it’s first Distinguished Club Goal! Susan went beyond just “giving speeches” to earn her ACB, every speech she gave… even the ones from the “Technically Speaking Manuel”… were jaw-dropping brilliant. If there was ever anyone ready to be a professional speaker, it’s Susan. Congratulations Susan!

Daphne Hart ACS Daphne is the second Club #28 member to earn her ACS in the same week! Like Jack Wharton, she awarded her Advanced Communicator Sliver to the other Toastmaster club that she belongs to. Indeed, Daphne is quickly becoming a role model to Toastmasters all over the Central Florida area. Congratulations Daphne!

Diana Walley (ATMG) CC Although we usually do not recognize a second (or 3rd or 4th or 5th….) Competent Communicator Award in this space, we will make an exception here. Diana Walley joined Club #28 in 1993 and went on to earn her Advance Toastmasters Gold award (the equivalent to a ACG) then she was forced to leave Toastmasters due to a number of extreme health issues, including a stroke. After over 9 years being out of the program, Diana returned and courageously earned her CC Award on June 7, 2017 with an inspiring speech titled “I Will Walk Again!”  All of us at #28 are inspired by you! Congratulations Diana!

Susan Storma ALB Susan has been a standout Toastmaster for the newer members by “mentoring by example.” Supportive and encouraging, Susan brings joy to every Toastmaster meeting she attends. Her leadership as a Club #28 officer, moral builder and teacher is a true beacon of light for  all of our members. Congratulations Susan!

Daphne Hart ALB Daphne is another of the leaders in Club #28 who had set her sights high. Within two short years Daphne had been a integral part of our leadership team currently as our Vice President of Membership. Always a potential winner in any speech contest as well as a mentoring fountain of wise advice, we are most proud of her courage to attempt and ability to attain any goal that she sets out to achieve. Congratulations Daphne!

 Ken Walley ALS / DTM Having to write in the third person is just one of the many skills Ken has picked up over his 16 years in Toastmasters, but until January 1st 2015, getting his DTM was not one of them. Ken started out the New Year with much joy when he was informed that he had finally reached the highest goal a Toastmaster could dream of…. his DTM. Ken is a three time President of Club #28 as well as being the President of the Orange County Club #129 and the Uptown Club 6304. Ken served as the Area 33 Governor from 2003 to 2004 and as the club mentor for the “Toast to YSA” Club, the last piece needed for his DTM puzzle. Ken wanted to say that “He could not have done this without the help of many, many people along the way!” and that he is “profoundly grateful.” Congratulations Ken Walley DTM!

Rev. Walk Jones ALS / DTM From the time that Walk came to us at Club #28, we have been blessed! Walk has worked hard to rise to the highest individual honor that Toastmasters International can give to one of its members. It would be hard to find anyone who deserves it more.  During his journey to DTM, Walk served Club #28’s President and the Area 32 Governor. On September 18, 2014 he gave his High Performance Leadership project speech which told of his efforts to organize a humorous speech evening for a local retirement home which brought joy and laughter to many. Walk has been bringing joy to us for years now and we are happy to see you reach your Toastmasters goals! Congratulations Walk Jones DTM!

Marie Loeffler ALS / DTM has been a blessing to Orlando Toastmasters Club #28. She made a memorable entrance to our club with a speech featuring hand bells and wisdom. We have watched as Marie, our current Vice President of Education, has become an energetic force not only in our club but in the entire District 84 as well. She served as the Area 30 Governor last Toastmaster term, leading the Mentoring seminar at TLI last July and became the head of Division 84’s Mentoring program. On August 28 at Club #28, Marie finished her High Performance Leadership Program results speech and thus earned her DTM!  We are all so proud of you Marie! Congratulations Marie Loeffler DTM!

Ken Blake ALS / DTM It has been a long time coming (Ken joined our Club in 1998!) but the most deserving member of Club #28 at last earned his DTM! The highest award that a Toastmaster can achieve was earned by Ken when his latest Toastmasters project, club sponsor for the Weekend Toastmaster Club #3117640 was granted their charter on May 8th, 2014. Ken is an icon of local Toastmasters Clubs here in Central Florida. Besides being a member of The Orlando Toastmasters #28 since 1998, he had also been a member of the Orlando Conquerors #1066 as well as the Let’s Talk Toastmasters Club #4413. Ken has served as president of both of those clubs. Ken has tirelessly given himself to helping others improve and has been long deserving of this prestigious award! Congratulations Ken Blake, DTM!



















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