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The new slate of officers for the July – December  2017 term (left to right): Sgt. at Arms Latisha Simpson, Treasurer Zaq Perez, Secretary Daniel Gutierrez, Past Area 30 Director Hasheem Francis ACB, ALB; Vice President of Education Renee Ellis, President Detra Flood and Vice President of Public Relations Alphaeus Flood. Missing is Vice President of Membership David Hundeby.  

The new slate of Club #28 officers were sworn at the June 29th Installation of officers and “Passing of the Gavel” ceremony by Area 30 Director Hasheem Francis CC at the Herndon Branch Library.  These officers will serve the July- December June 2017 term.

This is a group of  brave,  young officers… Four officers are serving for the first time ever in a Toastmaster term! Three are returning as officers but in a different role. Please congratulate these courageous Toastmasters when you see them:

Our new Club #28 President is Detra Flood has been a member of Toastmaster Club #28 for 10 months. She served as Vice President of Membership for the last Toastmaster term. She is an entrepreneur, an author the children’s book “Where is my Tuesday?“, wife of  fellow club officer Alphaeus, and a mother of two beautiful girls.


The mission she has for the club is to achieve the President’s Distinguish Award for the club. The vision she has for the club is to see every member, achieve their educational and leadership goals in Toastmasters. She is very honored to lead the best and oldest club East of the Rockies!

Our Vice President of Education is Renee Ellis who joined Toastmasters, Club 28, in September of 2016.  She was looking for an opportunity to network and meet new people while she was unemployed.  After a few short months, she became the Sargent at Arms.  She has continued to grow in Toastmasters and is now the Vice President of Education for the remainder of 2017.  Renee moved to Orlando, Florida, in 1994 to escape the harsh winters of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  She loves the Florida sunshine and goes to the beach as often as she can. 

At Vice President of Membership is David Hundeby. David joined Club #28 in June of 2017. A couple of weeks after joining he volunteered to become our Vice President of Membership. David has never been one to shy way from a challenge. Originally from Portland Oregon, David as a young man climbed Mt. Hood and earned the top Boy Scouts rank of Eagle Scout. He played trumpet professionally in a jazz  band and later went on to compete in Tae Kwon Do tournaments after accomplishing his black belt. While recovering from a torn ACL, David found a love for running and had finished 7 marathons… So far! He is also graduate of Oregon State University. David is married to his wife Terri (also a Toastmaster) with 2 children and works in Orlando.  

First time Vice President of Public Relations is Alphaeus Flood.  He has been a member of Toastmaster Club #28 for 7 months.  He is a Real Estate Agent, former Active Duty Marine, father and husband of two girls.  After 12 years in the Marine Corps Alphaeus moved back to Orlando, Florida with his family and joined Toastmasters.  His personal goal for joining Toastmasters is to become more comfortable speaking in front of a group of people.  Alphaeus is very honored to be apart of the leadership team of the oldest club East of the Rockies! Sergeant of arms for club 28 is 

Our Treasurer is Zaq Perez Originally from Miami FL, Zaq came to Orlando FL in 2001. He started as a blue-collar worker in the residential construction industry and later decided to change directions in 2008. He began pursuing a career in accounting and later graduated from University of Central Florida in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. He is currently taking the opportunity to gain more experience before returning to pursue his MBA. Since 2008, he has been accounting for small and mid-sized businesses in both a public and private setting. He now has made his home at Reyes Holdings as a financial accountant for their U.S., east coast beverage distribution division. In his spare time, he enjoys volunteering to prepare taxes at a local Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site during tax season. He has been volunteering for the past eight years and hopes to one day become a site coordinator at a local VITA site. As one of his passions, he tells us he’ll probably continue to volunteer long after he retires.  Zaq came to Toastmasters with a desire to improve his leadership skills as a stepping stone towards his goal of leading a team of his own in December 2016. He served as club Secretary during his first six months and is now our current Treasurer. He plans to complete both his CC and CL by December 2017.  One of his favorite quotes is by Albert Pike: “What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others, and the world, remains and is immortal.”

Another first time officer is Secretary Daniel Gutierrez. He is originally from Venezuela, and he moved to the US eager to learn the English language and continue his career in the Computer Science field. Daniel went to college and achieved his Bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems, and then his Masters in Business Administration and Information Security. Daniel joined Toastmasters to improve his public speaking skills, and to become a better story teller. When Daniel attended his first meeting at Club 28 he realized that this was the perfect place to conquer his fears of public speaking and to develop leaderships skills. For Daniel, Club 28 has become his second home, and his new circle of friends.

Sgt. at Arms  Latisha Simpson. Latisha has been with toastmaster for 8 months and love the opportunities that Toastmasters brings to her life. She enjoys learning and spending time with family and friends. She currently works in the hotel industry but is starting a new adventure in real estate investment. She is looks forward to starting every meeting with a “Bang!”  

The Club’s Immediate Past President Jack Wharton. Jack had to leave our club after serving twice as our President and helping to lead the club to two different President’s Distinguished Awards. He will be moving to Oviedo, Florida after he earned a promotion at  his job. We sincerely thank Jack for the incredible efforts he has made for our club. We truly wish him the best!

These are all talented leaders with a great vision for our club. We applaud all of them for having the courage to lead and we thank them for their time and efforts in helping to keep the great tradition of Club #28 leadership alive and well.  

With such a capable and hard-working staff, Club #28 is looking forward to the most successful Toastmaster term in it’s long history! 

The Non-Verbal Art of Speechmaking

By Kenneth H.  Walley DTM

“Setting the stage” for your speech can be almost as important as the words that you choose. How your audience perceives you can be as powerful, or in some instances as relaxing, as the vocal part of your speech. Here are a few ideas as to how to make a statement before you open your mouth. 

  1. A relaxed and informal body posture tends to put your audience at ease.  Sitting on a desk, leaning, using a “pondering” expression, loose or flippant arm and hand motions, etc. creates an “attitude” of the speaker that the speech is more of a “chat” and  is in essence creating a conversational tone. Using this kind of body language, while often drawing the audience into the speech at first, will often lose them later and may tend to lose the credibility of important points that you wish to make. It is important to vary the tension of your body movement throughout the speech. A super-rigid body posture, one with little movement and strong forceful arm and hand motions, for example from behind a lectern,  gives the audience the message that the speech is important, serious and demanding of their attention. This also only works for a short time. Putting a strong emphasis on parts of the speech is more effective than running the risk of “scolding” your audience. Try to get out at times from behind the lectern, vary the tone of the body language and you will be more effective.
  2. You are what you wear. Every speaker should attempt to dress for the occasion and to have the best effect possible on the audience. A clown suit is perfect for a 3rd grade birthday party but not for the boardroom. Common sense is usually the best guide. A three-piece suit might be a tad overdressed for a lecture to a high school class but being to informal,  jeans and a sweat shirt… might tend to lose your credibility. A nice suit, in good taste  is perfect for any important speech. Look at yourself in a mirror before you arrive and ask “Is this the image I want my audience to have of me?”  
  3. “Working the room” splitting up the room into parts or “zones” and then changing positions during the speech to address each zone, creates the perception of inclusiveness. Be aware of how much you are moving, speak from one position for a time then move to the next zone.  This can add an air of enthusiasm!  Avoid “pacing” because that can distract from your speech.
  4. Create the environment you want your audience to experience beforehand. This is not always possible but moving and manipulating the physical surrounding of the speech area can have a powerful effect on your speech.  Lighting for example can often add an “extra effect”. Also have props handy, have projector or any other visual aids at the ready so that when you need these items their operation does not distract from your speech.  

The use of the face and the eyes are also a very important element of non-verbal communication as well how the seating arrangements are organized and ability to create a “aura” of confidence as you approach the lectern. Weaving these with the spoken word creates the total speaker. The most effective speech has a balanced use of the verbal and non verbal. 


We would love to hear from you! Anyone in Club #28 is more than welcome to submit an article. Share a story, report some news or give a few tips on communication and leadership skills, here is the place to be heard! This website belongs to everyone!


Detra Flood ALB In only 6 months Detra pulled off a feat that takes some Toastmasters more than a year to achieve: earning a “Triple Crown” award. You have to reach 3 different communicator and/or leadership goals within a Toastmasters year to do it. Detra earned her ALB award (and soon to come her ACB as well) the first week in December. No surprise through Detra, Club #28’s current President has be exceeding expectations ever since she joined our club! Congratulations Detra ALB!

Zaq Perez CC gave his Competent Communicator graduation speech titled “An Empty Cup”  on October 26, 2017 this powerful speech challenged us to face our fears and not give into the temptations to “play it safe”. In the process of overcoming the tests of life, he found a power within, unrecognized abilities and personal courage. Among the things he chose to do to give meaning to his world was join Toastmasters. Zaq has certainly lived by example at Club #28 by jumping into an officer position soon after he joined and giving excellent speeches in his quest for his CC. We are so proud of you Zaq! Congratulations on your CC!

Detra Flood CL I have said so many good things about Detra on this website you would think I would have run out of wonderful things to say about her. That’s just not possible! Besides being a brilliant speaker, a devoted leader of our club and an awesome example of caring about others, Detra is also our newest Competent Leader! This is just the start however of a very promising future both in and out of Toastmasters for this young leader.

Renee Ellis CL Only one week after earning her CC, Renee came back for her Competent Leader Award! Leadership seems to come natural to Renee as in only year’s span, she has already taken on the officer positions of Sergeant-at -Arms  and is our current Vice President of Education. She has the potential to achieve anything she wants in the Toastmasters program! Congratulations Renee CL!

Renee Ellis CC Renee Joined the ranks of Competent Communicators on August 17, 2017 with a powerful and moving 10th speech titled “We Need to Talk About it“. Since joining the club less than year before earning her CC, Renee has become a truly important part of Club #28’s success. Her Toastmasters journey has just begun however and the entire club cannot wait to hear more brilliant speeches from her in the near future! Congratulations Renee!

Chi Simons ALS/ ACG/ DTM Chi joined Club #28 on October 15, 2015. Less than two years later, Chi would reach the highest individual goal that can be achieved by a Toastmaster: Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). Shortly after earning her Competent Communicator Award, Chi bravely took on the roles of President of the Oldest Toastmasters Club East of the Rockies as well as serving as the Area 31 Director!  She would soon earn the coveted “Triple Crown” award by racing through an astounding SIX Toastmasters levels in one year: CC, CL, ACB, ALB, ALS and ACS along with her High Performance Leadership project. Recently she added the final pieces by sponsoring 2 clubs (the Landmark Toastmasters Club and the Orlando Center Club) as well as mentoring the Orlando Deloitte Club, and earning her ALS… thus reaching Distinguish Toastmaster… Whew! Chi is a wonderful example for others; a Communicator, a Leader,  a Doer  and a Friend! Few, if any… can say they worked harder to achieve their DTM… or deserve it more. Congratulations Chi… DTM!

Detra Flood CC Very few people in the history of Club #28 have made such a large impact on our club in such a short amount of time as Detra Flood! On July 27, 2017 Detra completed her Competent Communicator Award with a very inspiring speech titled “The Call: Answered Prayers“. Detra has amazed and moved us with some brilliant speeches on the way to her CC.  Also Detra has answered the call (and some prayers) for Club #28 by becoming the President for this new term. Congratulations Detra!

Susan Storma ACB Starting out the new Toastmasters term, on July 20, 2017 Susan gave her Advanced Communicator Bronze graduation speech to earn Club #28 it’s first Distinguished Club Goal! Susan went beyond just “giving speeches” to earn her ACB, every speech she gave… even the ones from the “Technically Speaking Manuel”… were jaw-dropping brilliant. If there was ever anyone ready to be a professional speaker, it’s Susan. Congratulations Susan!

Daphne Hart ACS Daphne is the second Club #28 member to earn her ACS in the same week! Like Jack Wharton, she awarded her Advanced Communicator Sliver to the other Toastmaster club that she belongs to. Indeed, Daphne is quickly becoming a role model to Toastmasters all over the Central Florida area. Congratulations Daphne!

Jack Wharton ACS Jack is serving as a current club coach helping a new Toastmasters Club become established. He is also serving as Club #28’s president for the second time and for the second time he is also leading our club to a President’s Distinguished Award. Not to mention he just got married, has taken on a promotion at his job and is in the process of moving to a different town here in Florida. Still he found time to earn his Advanced Communication Silver Award! Jack is the inspiration to many Toastmaster successes and many Toastmasters! Congratulations Jack!

Diana Walley (ATMG) CC Although we usually do not recognize a second (or 3rd or 4th or 5th….) Competent Communicator Award in this space, we will make an exception here. Diana Walley joined Club #28 in 1993 and went on to earn her Advance Toastmasters Gold award (the equivalent to a ACG) then she was forced to leave Toastmasters due to a number of extreme health issues, including a stroke. After over 9 years being out of the program, Diana returned and courageously earned her CC Award on June 7, 2017 with an inspiring speech titled “I Will Walk Again!”  All of us at #28 are inspired by you! Congratulations Diana!

Nick Toporkov CC  Nick, who knows more about cutting-edge presentation technology than anyone I know, and probably in the State of Florida was about to give a speech that featured a state of the art PowerPoint projection display. Then disaster happened. The projector failed. Nick, proceeded to give the presentation anyway without the visual acrobatics. The speech still came out amazing! Nick has informed us, entertained us and motivated us with his intelligence, humor, social concern and captivating personality for 10 wonderful speeches. We truly thank you. Congratulations Nick!

Chi Simons ACS We’ve said everything we can say about Chi: she is a leader, she is smart, she is fun to be around, etc. etc. Chi just keeps on being a wonderful example of success for everyone around her! Congratulations Chi!

Amy Sims CC Although Amy presented all of her first 10 speeches at another club, the Let’s Talk Club 4433; she has still been a very important member of the Club #28 family. We are extremely proud of her attaining her CC award! Congratulations Amy!

Susan Storma ALB Susan has been a stand out Toastmaster for the newer members by “mentoring by example.” Supportive and encouraging, Susan brings joy to every Toastmaster meeting she attends. Her leadership as a Club #28 officer, moral builder and teacher is a true beacon of light for  all of our members. Congratulations Susan!

Daphne Hart ALB Daphne is another of the leaders in Club #28 who had set her sights high. Within two short years Daphne had been a integral part of our leadership team currently as our Vice President of Membership. Always a potential winner in any speech contest as well as a mentoring fountain of wise advice, we are most proud of her courage to attempt and ability to attain any goal that she sets out to achieve. Congratulations Daphne!

Monique Smith-Trager CC Monique is a genius. Her speeches are entertaining, delightful, fun and captivating. They all have wonderful messages. Monique is fearless. She is always the first to ask what can I do?” She is dependable. You name it, speech contests, taking on the VPE duties, uplifting others… I simply cannot say enough good things about Monique!! The difference that she has made in our club is immense… there I go again, I’ll be here all night writing great things about Monique…Congratulations Monique!

Chi Simons ACB Chi seems to come up a lot in this “Awards Abound” section. On October 20, 2016 Chi earned her 4th Toastmasters award in two months! Thus winning her a District 84 Triple Crown pin. She is already a club mentor and serving as an Area Director. My guess is that within a year from today (October 26, 2016) she will have her DTM! Record time. Watch this section closely! Congratulations Chi!

Robyn Lesser CC The October 13, 2016 “Speech Marathon” meeting was made even more special when Robyn was recognized for earning her Competent Communicator award! Throughout the time that it took Robyn to earn her CC, she has proved herself to be fearless, determined and inspirational. Robyn’s 10 speeches each included insight, motavation and a warm, wonderful sense of humor! We have been entertained and enlightened…not to mention in awe of her future! Congratulations Robyn!

Chi Simons ALB At the September 29, 2016 meeting, Chi, the Orlando Toastmasters Club #28 President, earned both her Competent Leader award and  her Advanced Leadership Award as well. This is typical of Chi who wrote the book on being able to multi-task. It was appropriate that she did a speech on the Distinguished Club Program as she is leading by example Club #28 towards a 9th consecutive President’s Distinguished Award. Congratulations Chi!

 Chi Simons CL I am going to have to type fast to keep up with all of the awards that Chi is going to earn. She is the current Club #28 President in a long line of #28 leadership success stories. A Toastmaster for less than a year, Chi took on the challenge of becoming an Area Director as well as being president of the Oldest Club East of the Rockies. She still had time to earn her CL! Congratulations Chi!

Steve Wood CL Steve Wood had long been a “competent Leader” in Club #28! Although he officially earned his CL in September of 2016, it cannot be emphasized too much his positive impact upon our club. Steve is a winner of the “Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year” in 2015, is our official club videographer , website IT department, club mentor, science guy and friend… The list is long. Congratulations Steve Wood CL!

Susan Storma CL Susan is determined to set an example for everyone who wants to succeed in or out of Toastmasters. Susan set her goals and then goes about accomplishing them with determination and excellence. A legendary treasurer for the past Toastmasters term, Susan was a major part of the success in Club #28 earning it’s 14th President Distinguished Award. Now she is already hard at work Making sure that we achieve our 15th! Congratulations Susan!

Daphne Hart CL Daphne’s name just keeps popping up in the category of excellence. Excellence for a Toastmaster’s club is when you earn 10 of 10 goals for the President’s Distinguished Award. That is what happened when Daphne earned her CL. Daphne did an amazing job as our Sgt. at Arms in her first officer role and then bravely took on the role of Vice President of Membership! It seems as if leadership is in her blood. Congratulations Daphne!

Ken Walley ALS / DTM Having to write in the third person is just one of the many skills Ken has picked up over his 16 years in Toastmasters, but until January 1st 2015, getting his DTM was not one of them. Ken started out the New Year with much joy when he was informed that he had finally reached the highest goal a Toastmaster could dream of…. his DTM. Ken is a three time President of Club #28 as well as being the President of the Orange County Club #129 and the Uptown Club 6304. Ken served as the Area 33 Governor from 2003 to 2004 and as the club mentor for the “Toast to YSA” Club, the last piece needed for his DTM puzzle. Ken wanted to say that “He could not have done this without the help of many, many people along the way!” and that he is “profoundly grateful.” Congratulations Ken Walley DTM!

Rev. Walk Jones ALS / DTM From the time that Walk came to us at Club #28, we have been blessed! Walk has worked hard to rise to the highest individual honor that Toastmasters International can give to one of its members. It would be hard to find anyone who deserves it more.  During his journey to DTM, Walk served Club #28’s President and the Area 32 Governor. On September 18, 2014 he gave his High Performance Leadership project speech which told of his efforts to organize a humorous speech evening for a local retirement home which brought joy and laughter to many. Walk has been bringing joy to us for years now and we are happy to see you reach your Toastmasters goals! Congratulations Walk Jones DTM!

Marie Loeffler ALS / DTM has been a blessing to Orlando Toastmasters Club #28. She made a memorable entrance to our club with a speech featuring hand bells and wisdom. We have watched as Marie, our current Vice President of Education, has become an energetic force not only in our club but in the entire District 84 as well. She served as the Area 30 Governor last Toastmaster term, leading the Mentoring seminar at TLI last July and became the head of Division 84’s Mentoring program. On August 28 at Club #28, Marie finished her High Performance Leadership Program results speech and thus earned her DTM!  We are all so proud of you Marie! Congratulations Marie Loeffler DTM!

Ken Blake ALS / DTM It has been a long time coming (Ken joined our Club in 1998!) but the most deserving member of Club #28 at last earned his DTM! The highest award that a Toastmaster can achieve was earned by Ken when his latest Toastmasters project, club sponsor for the Weekend Toastmaster Club #3117640 was granted their charter on May 8th, 2014. Ken is an icon of local Toastmasters Clubs here in Central Florida. Besides being a member of The Orlando Toastmasters #28 since 1998, he had also been a member of the Orlando Conquerors #1066 as well as the Let’s Talk Toastmasters Club #4413. Ken has served as president of both of those clubs. Ken has tirelessly given himself to helping others improve and has been long deserving of this prestigious award! Congratulations Ken Blake, DTM!




Zaq Perez CC

1. “What Brought Me To Toastmasters” (2/2/17)

2. “Marketing At Its Finest” (3/14/17 at Let’s Talk)

3. “Law Abiding Scoundrels” (3/26/17)

4. “Modern Day Slave”  (4/20/17)

5. “How to Make Beer!” (5/11/17)

6. “Fair Tax HR #25″ (6/6/17)

7. “My Journey To Becoming a CPA” (8/31/17 Contest Speech)

8. “Technical Process/Document Process” (9/28/17)

9. “That Thing” (10/12/17)

10. “An Empty Cup!” (10/26/17)

Linda Klein

1. Who is Linda Klein? (4/14/2016)

2. “God Forgives but Does Man Forgive?” (5/19/16)

3. “Cars Need Oil, People Need Water” (9/22/16)

4.  “50% Anticipation 50% Participation” (2/9/17)

5.  “We Are Twins!” (3/09/17)

6. “How to Make a Puppet Monster” (7/27/17)

7. “The Chicago Fire!” (8/24/17)

8. “Samaritans” (10/19/17)

9. “Getting The Most Out of Time” (12/7/17)

Daniel Gutierrez

1. “Efficiency, Hobbies and Interests” (4/27/17)

2. “How Digital Devices Communicate with the Internet” (5/18/17)

3. “Automation Technology” (6/7/17)

4. “Understanding Habits” (8/3/17)

5. “A Moment in My Life I Will Never Forget!” (8/17/17)

6. “Understanding Habits 2″ (10/5/17)

Lily Phuong-Tang

1. “I am Lily Phuong Tang” (2/9/17)

2. “Experience” (7/7/17)

3. “Coming to America was a Miracle for Me and My Family” (9/28/17)

4. “Learn to Eat Healthy in Different Ways” (10/12/17)

5. “Helping Young People is Necessary” (11/2/17)

6. “Business in General” (11/23/17)

7. “Holiday” (12/7/18)

Joey Jacobschagen

1. ” All About Me” (11/10/16)

2. “How people Drive Bad and What We Can Do About It! (1/26/17)

3.”Four Reasons Why People Don’t Like Math” (3/09/17)

4. “Two Pianos” (06/01/17)

5.  “Be Yourself!” (8/17/17)

Latisha Simpson

1. “Big Hair” (12/13/16)

2. “Raising the Bar” (3/16/17)

3. “The Greatest Investment” (8/3/17)

Emily Ceskavich

1. “My Greatest Fear (and why I want to keep it) (3/16/17)

2. “My Big Brother” (7/20/17)

3. “Interviewing Techniques I Learned From Watching Oprah” (8/3/17)

Alphaeus Flood

1.  “Alphaeus” (12/01/16)

2. “3 Steps For Buying A House!” (7/12/17)

Emma Hutto

1. “Living Up to My Name” (11/30/17)

David Hundeby

1. “Get Ready!” (8/24/17)

Tea Tang*

1.  “What Makes A Person A Person?” (4/20/17)


Maureen Premo

Michael Adams (PENDING 12/14)

Jordan Hutto (PENDING 12/14)

Eric Howard (PENDING 12/21)















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