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By Kenneth H. Walley (May 2018)

A look back: May is Leadership Month and the Officer Selection Committee, led by Club #28 President Renee Ellis CC, CL was hard at work throughout April, coming up with the very best possible team of leaders to guide us through the July-December 2018. Toastmasters term. The new officer slate is set to be announced at the May 3rd meeting!

A look forward: UPDATE: Congratulations to the following Club #28 Leaders for the July-December 2018 Toastmasters Term! President Daphne Hart ACS, ALB, Vice President of Education Marie Loeffler DTM, Vice President of Membership: Kara Newcomb,  Vice President of Public Relations Daniel Gutierrez, Secretary: Kate Murray, Treasurer: David Hundeby and Sgt. at Arms: Tina Weiczorek!

A look forward: May 15 is the roll-out for the new PATHWAYS program for our region. There is no club on the face of the planet that is more prepared for this historic Toastmasters event than Club #28. Thank you to Marie Loeffler DTM for being our mentor and Pathways guru over the past year. A reminder to all of our club members:  go to the website, be able to sign in and check out the Pathways section ahead of time. This program is exciting. The potential learning opportunities seem endless!

A look back: We had to meet at the Southeast Branch Library for a few weeks over the past couple of months. I am happy to say that we have been confirmed at our “toastmaster home”; the Herndon Branch Library for the next three months! We are also working on having a “permanent back-up” location in place for the foreseeable future.

As we make final confirmation, check back right here!

A look forward: We are looking for some new members to add to our club! Don’t keep the communication and leadership skills; not to mention the fun, joy and fellowship we have here a secret! Spread the word about Club #28!

A look back: We have a number of achievements to be very proud of including Linda Klein CC achieving her Competent Communicator Award. Congratulations Linda! Lily Phuong-Tang is only one speech away from her CC as well… keep going! Daphne Hart ACS, ALB is closing in on her Distinguished Toastmaster Award (DTM)! She will complete her term as a Area Director at the end of next month! Congratulations Daphne!

A look forward: UPDATE: Congratulations Lily Phuong-Tang CC on earning your Competent Communicator award!

A look forward: two of our members Detra Flood CC, ALB and Lily Phuong-Tang are in the running to become Area Directors at the start of the next Toastmasters term! We are very proud of the both of you and we, as your home club will do everything in our power to see that you succeed.

Happy Toastmastering!

Kenneth H. Walley DTM


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